There are so many different styles of custom-tailored suits available. In fact so many that trying to select the right one for any given occasion can seem mind-boggling. The fact there are so many choices is evidence of how many different occasions call for a suit. And building up a collection of high-quality custom-tailored suits is invaluable for any man. But there are three custom-tailored suits that you absolutely should have in your wardrobe. Here we look at those suits and explain why these are a crucial part of men’s fashion.


If you were to own just one suit it would be navy and single-breasted. This is a suit for any occasion. It looks equally at home at a wedding as it does at an interview or a normal day at the office. A navy suit can be paired with pretty much any other color and can be dressed up or down according to the occasion by your choice of accessories. Remember to buy the right accessories when you buy the suit. And remember the suit is the focus of this outfit so get accessories to enhance it – don’t just but any old shirt or tie because they’re on special offer. This suit is an investment piece and should last you for years. Get it tailored to fit right and amended again future as your body shape changes.


Like it’s navy cousin, this is a classic suit that fits almost any occasion. If you only wear a suit once a year you may get away with just the navy suit. For  two or more events you’ll definitely want to have a choice of suits though. Nothing dampens your style than everyone knowing you’re wheeling out the same old suit no matter the occasion. The grey suit allows you to adopt a very different look but once again can be matched with a wide variety of shirt and tie combinations.


For most of us, this is our most formal suit. Few of us are invited to a white tie event but many men will attend a black-tie event at some stage. It can be tempting to hire a tuxedo due to infrequency which most of us wear one. Doing so however is to forget the reason why the event insists on black tie in the first place. You’ll be attending a sophisticated formal event where style is everything. This is an evening which requires you to look your best so off-the-rack is off-limits. Buy your tuxedo, get it properly tailored and remember that detail is everything. Pre-tied bow ties will not do your image justice. If you need advice on how to tie your bow tie, ask your tailor.

At Exclusive Tailors in Phuket, our tailors are on hand to help you select the right suit for you, amend it to fit perfectly, and advise on accessories to ensure you look your sharpest. To view our range of suit styles visit our style section or come and see us at 54/6 Bangla Road, Patong.

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