Why choosing made to measure over designer labels should be your preferred choice

Why choosing made to measure over designer labels should be your preferred choice

The question of the day for you is this – what are designer labels to you? Are they a form of telling you that this is guaranteed quality, a form of branding yourself, or what is the reason for you to choose designer labels when purchasing suits and other custom-tailored garments?

If you have ever been in the dilemma of liking a stylish designer suit, which then doesn’t fit very well after all, it perhaps leaves you wondering whether you should go for style or for comfort. Is that right? Many clothes lovers, constant wardrobe upgraders and fashion fanatics on limited budgets would go for style and sacrifice comfort. Would you, too?

Did you know that with a made to measure suit, you can actually achieve both, and combine the best of both worlds? You don’t need to sacrifice the former with the latter or the other way around. What is even better, it can be done a lot cheaper than with the top brands.

Yes, bespoke suits are the answer when it comes to achieving style and comfort. Bespoke suits are handmade with an eye for detail and your personal style preferences in mind. With prices like ours at Exclusive Tailor, you won’t ever need to even look for other alternatives. Compared with a high-street designer, bespoke suits offer a fantastic value for both Gents and Ladies.

Undoubtedly, a bespoke suit will also last you many more years than an off the peg item – whether it will last a lifetime will depend on how well you look after it, whether you buy additional pairs of trousers (as these will show signs of wear long before the jacket does) and your own changing body shape (something beyond a tailor’s control).
In order to prolong the lifetime of your suit, stick to the classic options such as using a block colour like for example charcoal or navy blue and a more conservative cut for the blazer, a two- or three-button option and you’ll be assured a stylish outfit lasting potentially a lifetime. You can still add your personality with details such as the lining, buttons, pockets, etc.

To find out more about owning a bespoke suit and how the process works please get in touch with us here.

Remember, that at we also offer a personal tailoring service at Exclusive Tailor, meaning that we do frequent overseas tours to take measurements of our clients during individual meetings. Here we will bring the latest styles and materials with us and guide you through the choices, taking your preferred use and style into account. This adds to your convenience and you don’t need to take time out from your busy schedule anymore. To know more about our overseas tours, please visit us here!