Choosing a suit – lined, unlined or partially lined

Choosing a suit – lined, unlined or partially lined

There is quite a difference between buying an off-the-rack suit from your local store, to having a bespoke suit crafted to your exact body measurements, style preferences and design choices at your trusted tailor.
As implied, with a bespoke suit you have choices that you don’t have when you buy an off-the-rack suit. And often you don’t even have to spend higher budgets in order to go bespoke.

At Exclusive Tailors you’re spoilt for choice. You can choose every bit of the suit yourself. Fabric, color, cut, pattern – it is all in your hands.
Even in terms of lining of your suit, which this article will address – the choice is all yours.
Lining material, color and pattern – all that is not a problem!
Whether you’ll choose to have a fully lined, partially lined or unlined suit made, we’re ready to assist you. You dream it, we craft it.

To make a qualified choice about whether you’d want your suit lined or not, we’ve put this article together for you, to make that choice easier.

Fully lined suits

Fully lined suits are probably the most common choice. Chances are, that most of the off-the-rack suits you’ve bought at your local retailer are fully lined. A fully lined suit has sort of been the standard in suiting for many years, based on the fact that it is known to hold the structure of the suit better than unlined suits, they’re more durable and also significantly warmer. But you’ve got choices, if that’s not exactly what you’re looking for.
A number of different materials are used to line suits, including synthetic materials such as polyester and rayon, as well as natural materials, including cotton and silk.
A fully lined suit is often more durable, since the linings help suits lasting longer, and avoid wear and tear. The lining also provides structure of your suit, as it will help the material to retain the structure for longer, ensuring that the suit will look good for many years to come.
A lined suit also helps you with the general hygiene, since it will keep the suit material clean, preventing sweat and body odour from entering the fibres of the suit.
Last, but not least, a lined suit hides all the stitching and threads that are used under the construction of the garment, providing the interior with a more attractive finish.

partially lined 1

Unlined suits

You’ll not see these often, if you’re living in a colder region of the world, but this type of suit is quite popular in hot countries. On the contrary to lined suits, this unlined “suit-sibling” requires very precise tailoring in order to ensure that the hems and seams look neat and tidy on the inside of the garment.
You’ll find an unlined suit much more comfortable during hot weather, as it removes the heavy burden that a fully lined suit would lay on you. You’ll also find the suit far more breathable, since the lack of lining allows precious air to circulate during hotter days.
On the downside can be said, that unlined suits are harder to construct and the structure can be failing rather quickly without the support of a lining.

Partially lined

If you’re not sure about which of the above solutions are for you, there’s a third one, that may be just the perfect middle-choice for you. A partial lined suit is usually lined in the arms and shoulders, and sometimes also in the chest area, but the back is left unlined to improve breathability. Going partially lined is good for e.g. business travelers, that often face different, often changing weather conditions. You’ll find a partially lined suit far cooler compared to the fully lined solution. With a partially lined suit you’ll have the best of both worlds, so to speak, but like unlined suits, the partially lined suit is less durable. Also here the structure and shape is prone to be lost quicker and it may feel a bit more stuffed compared to the unlined alternative.

When choosing a suit lining, you’ll basically be confronted with these 3 choices. Each and everyone cater to different circumstances.

If you’re not quite sure yet which option is best for you, contact us via our contact form or via E-mail to arrange a fitting appointment or ask us to call you, so we can guide you through on your way to your first (or next) bespoke suit.

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