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Summer 2018: All Styles for a casual day out to town – Part 1 It’s that time of year again, where the warm summer sun shines down on this green earth throughout the day. If there’s a time to leave the house, it’s now. Yet this climate means you’ll need to adapt your dre read more

A Style Guide to Women’s Autumn/Winter Style

We are in the middle of the winter, as this article is written, so of course this is also the perfect time to address fashion trends that you can take advantage of for the next few months. We’ve looked at many of the fashion week events which have taken taken place over the past weeks to get some inspiration for some smart winter style tips. Here are just 4 of which, that you can take advantage of.



One of the trends that are finding their way back into popular demand this winter is cosy knitwear. While the fashion week events seems to have placed a greater emphasis on oversized cardigans, knitwear is a look that can easily be adapted in the smarter getup look. When thinking knitwear think of teaming a cardigan with a pair of suit trousers, an overcoat, and a scarf – creating a comfortable look that won’t look out of place amongst other smart outfits.



Many women’s suits start to hit the catwalks these days. While the catwalk can be home to some of the more outlandish looks, the suits on offer were actually refreshingly sharp in their overall cut and fit. What were various iterations of suits at fashion week events, there was little signs of the padded shoulders and oversized sleeves this year, with custom-tailored women’s suits emerging as a common theme.



What we’ve also noticed is a small resurgence of corduroy garments. Having spent years teetering on the edge of relevance, the heavier types of cotton fabrics looks set to return in many forms, including blazers and trousers, with its thick nature, that also makes it ideal for the colder months. To get the right look however, without looking too dated, it is important that you team it up with the pieces of clothing. Take for instance wearing corduroy trousers with a fitted dress shirt, and a pair of brogues that could create which isn’t just smart, but also makes a statement about the more fashion forward dress sense.


Check patters

We also witnessed a growing popularity for check prints. While the check patterned fabrics have been a forever staple in the world of tailoring, this trend will see a wide range of garments featuring the print in some form. There are a whole lot of ways you can go about with incorporating check patterns into a smart look. Depending on how bold you like to dress, you can choose to opt for a checked dress shirt, or maybe even have a suit created with checked lining. You could alternatively also opt for a checked fabric for your trousers, and team it up with a plain dress shirt, a cardigan or a sweater.

These 4 trends can easily be implemented into your looks over the next few months, while the winter still rages on. The true beauty in most them is in their versatility, allowing you to get creative in how and where you implement them into your looks.


4 advantages of custom-tailored dress shirts

Custom dress-shirts are nowadays a standard part of your daily wear, but did you know that once it was considered as a privilege to wear them? Back in the days, and no, this is not the beginning of a story that your granddad would be telling you, costing you an hour of your life, earlier it was a style extravaganza that only the well-off individuals could afford to wear and/or, have tailored.

Since the dawn of custom dress-shirts (picture it, the awakening of the shirts), they helped the style-discerned gentleman with adding a dapper touch of style and the extra “wow factor” to celebrities, Wall Street bankers, and others, who were able to afford such a luxury.

Times have changed
Luckily, things have changed drastically since then. Even if you are not banking big money on Wall Street or happen to be a celebrity with healthy bank statements; nowadays most people can afford to dress well. There’s practically no limitation (or excuse) to not dress in style with a custom-tailored dress shirt, one that is crafted to your exact body measurements. This is where Exclusive Tailor comes into the picture. With clothing made from our tailor-shop in Patong, Phuket you’ll never have (or want to have) another excuse for not dressing in garments that are crafted to your exact body measurements. We’ve been in the “feel good in what you wear” industry since the 1980’s, and we’re passioned about it, so don’t expect us to end this tradition anytime soon.

Times and demands have changed, but so have means of delivery, and the globalization did the rest. Nowadays it is not uncommon to order a shirt online on our website, and expect it in your mailbox from 3 days to 2 weeks after the order was placed. It’s freshly sewn for you – and only you.

4 advantages of wearing a bespoke dress shirt
Before we dive all too much into how easy ordering is and how affordable it is to have garments custom-tailored, let’s focus on what this article is really about; 5 of the main advantages for you to be wearing custom-tailored dress shirts.

The price
Not surprisingly, we’ll cover the main concern of many potential customers here first, the price.

We highlight this because it is usually a large part in the decision making before deciding to buy anything these days. Throw away the old thought about custom wear being only for the big bankers on Wall Street, because our world renowned men’s custom dress shirts range from $50$. This comes with the choice of hundreds of fabric choices, contrast fabrics for cuffs, collars and sleeves, monogramming, and many other unprecedented design features. There’s in fact so much to choose from, that you may want to sit down and sip a complimentary drink first.
The price is also something that you can hardly find for off the rack shirts that won’t fit you half as well, let alone match our quality craftsmanship. Just saying.

The Fit

There’s no reason to go to a tailor, if not the fit is perfect. Nothing less goes. Even the price is then not a convincing factor. Custom-tailored clothes need to fit you 100% and they will be (well unless you cheated with your measurements). All our garments are crafted for one person only – and that is you. This arguably could be listed first but either way you look at it, fit is basically the reason anyone looks into custom clothing. If you’ve never gone this route before don’t worry, we have step by step instructional videos on our website. With that, it is quite difficult to get them wrong. If you ever feel uncertain about whether you’ve taken them correctly, feel free to call us, so we can guide you through the process.

The design

Another key aspect of opting for custom-tailored clothes from a tailor-shop is of course the abundance of design options you have. It’s not only a suit that is made to your exact body measurements, it’s also one that comes with all your unique design choices. There’s almost nothing that we can’t do, so try us. See if we’re up for the challenge. We definitely are. There’s very few things that we didn’t try before. Check for example our previous clients on our website and see the wide range of designs they left our shop with. You can design your cuffs, your pockets, your collars, your buttons, even your thread color. Vents are a part of it too, and who said monograms? We did! Everything that you think would look good on a shirt and that would compliment your body type, we can craft for you.
Our design options are countless and when you couple this with the fit, price, and quality we offer, our shirts are truly second to none.

The style, the look, the fame – the name of the game

Custom-tailored dress-shirts are all about style. From the customization of the sleeves to the contrast colors of your inner plackets, thread color and more – all is part of the style you are about to create – one for the new you!

Perhaps you noticed a specific pattern at Nordstrom’s or Macy’s that was three times the price, not custom fitted and off the rack. We ask the question, why pay three times the price for a lack in fit, when you can design the style of the shirt exactly as you desire, have it custom tailored to your bodies specific measurements, and spend less? Well, we don’t know either!
When it all boils down, what does custom clothing give you? It gives you a look that is like no other. Stand-alone unique style that was custom designed by you and custom fitted for you. If you want a better idea of what iTailor custom dress shirts look like in real life do yourself a favor and take a 5 minute look here.

That sums up this article. As usual, if you liked what you read here, or have any questions, please feel free to let us know, so we can cover it in one of our upcoming  articles.
If you’d like to design your very own custom dress shirts, please feel free to get in touch with us here.

The wonderful versatility of a blazer

Today we’re here to tell you a bit about the best friend of the dress-shirt – the blazer. Nothing pairs better with a blazer than a dress-shirt. Not your T-Shirt with a fancy slogan or motto either, no. This article shows the blazer some love, so if you will – enjoy it with us. Let us praise this beautiful type of garment together.

A blazer – a huge style upgrade

 If you don’t own a custom-tailored blazer yet, then you are really missing out. A blazer is an essential way of saying that you’ve got style, for any man, of any age and of any body type. What is even better, a blazer is the perfect fit for just any occasion and season. You have an Event coming up? Here comes the blazer. You have a special occasion, a date, or an office party to attend to, don your best friend – the blazer. Blazers are an extremely versatile garment that will give you a stylish, confident look for either the workplace or a social gathering – in a heartbeat.
A blazer with a bit of texture is the best option to go for if you ask us. It can easily be worn for casual weekends, or smart weekdays. If your wallet allows it, and it will with our affordable price structure, a tailored blazer is the best way to go. A tailored blazer will fit to perfection and will make you feel smart and debonair.

Blazer materials to opt for

 When choosing a suitable material for your blazer, opt for wool. This material is of natural fibre with non-allergenic and heat-retaining qualities. Actually, all you need to worry about is picking your wool blazer in the color you like the most and you are good to go.
Opting for more neutral colours will ensure you that you can wear your blazer with most of your other clothing (please not the Star Wars T-Shirt)
A tweed blazer is another great option for the winter season. With its woven structure, tweed is well known for its durability. Tweed blazers are also always present in menswear collections around the globe, and will never go out of fashion so it’s money well spent.

When to wear thy blazer

 If you are up for an event that is somewhere between formal and casual, then a blazer comes into the picture as a solid choice to opt for. The blazer, paired with a formal pair of trousers, and a T-shirt will create the look that fits somewhere in between. It makes sure that you are not too over- or under dressed. Voila. This is an ideal outfit for a formal occasion in a casual setting.
Opting for a textured blazer can help you go from casual to smart casual in a heartbeat. Paired with a simple dress shirt and jeans, this blazer will ensure you are smart enough for that last-minute meeting or networking event. No matter when you heard about it – you’ll be ready for it – in style.
For more special occasions, a blazer, paired with formal trousers and a dress shirt will create that modern, confident look you’ll want to go for. It is more interesting than the usual suit—but just as formal. You will create that enviable style and stand out from the usual ‘same look as always’ look.
You don’t have to own numerous blazers to achieve the looks mentioned above; one tailored blazer will go a long way to creating that stylish look for every occasion.
That being said, the only question you need to answer yourself now is this:

“Do I own a blazer, and if so, is it versatile enough for what I need it for?”

If the answer is no, allow us at Exclusive Tailor to help crafting you one from the ground up, to your own design and style preferences, with your exact choice of materials and to your unique body measurements.
We’re ready to help you to ensure that you’ll look good in your blazer, no matter what and no matter the occasion, no matter your body type, taste and style preferences.

6 important travel tips to keep in mind for your suit

6 important travel tips to keep in mind for your suit

There is never a time not to wear a suit really. That also goes for when you’re traveling of course. Making the right impression is important no matter where you are. If the suit however looks a complete mess, all creased and wrinkled, making it look the part of your long travel, then all that attention to detail, money and effort is really wasted.
This happens a lot when you’re traveling the world on shorter or longer trips for business or job interviews, whether you’ll stay a night or two in a hotel or not – your suit will probably look the part. Traveling is not always easy with a suit, so it’s important that you are careful and fully prepared to keep the sharp look that you intended to show up with at your meeting or interview. Here’s some tips for you to keep in mind when you’re out on travels with your suit the next time.

Pack correctly

If you’re away on a short trip and need to bring a few of your best suits, then you should ensure that you pack your clothes appropriately in order to minimise creasing. Make sure to fold your suit jacket inside out, which will allow it to remain more protected to creasing.

Unpack as soon as possible

Once you’ve reached the hotel, first things first – unpack the suits and place it on a hanger. This gives the suit a chance to allow your suit to rest and easy out any potential creases it may have gotten on your trip. It’s quite inevitable to get some creasing, so by hanging it as soon as you reach the hotel, you’ll be sure of giving the suit a little rest, and so should you.

Use a garment bag

If you don’t have a garment bag yet, buy one. If you are on any trip with the suit, then a garment bag is a must-have. Don’t buy the cheap ones, invest a little. It’s your suit after all. A garment bag in a higher quality will leave enough room for your suit to breathe in, while it avoids the suit fabric from getting creased.

Exclusive Tailor Week 31 6 essential travel suit tips picture 2

Steam, not iron

A good way to protect the suit and removing creasing is to take the good old steam-iron and give it a quick steaming. If the hotel you’re staying at doesn’t have a steam-iron, leave the suit on a hanger and take it with you to the bathroom. No, we’ve not lost our mind. Leave the suit on the hanger while taking a hot shower and the creasing will ease out.

Cleaning it, the right way

If you’re experiencing the nightmare scenario to get stains on your suit while traveling, don’t panic. There’s help. Take the suit to the nearest dry cleaners to get a quick fix to the problem. This should not become a habit, since it is going to take longer to dry, and the chemicals used are not what you’re suit is craving for, but it’s better than nothing, if your suit is really dirty.
If you can avoid the deep clean of your suit and we’re talking about just a little stain, then rather spot clean your suit wherever needed to preserve the suit. This will also guarantee your suit to be dry when its needed on the contrary to after taking it to the dry cleaners.

Brush it

To make sure that you’re looking your very best is by regularly giving the suit a brush with a lint brush. The brush will help to remove any dirt and hairs that may have nestled itself in your suit from previous wear or during the travel. A lint brush also doesn’t require much space in your luggage, so better be safe than sorry.
If you are sitting there with knowledge of further travel tips, feel free to get in touch with us, so we can add it to our next article.
We’re always delighted to hear from our customers’ experiences.

Have a look to some trend fashion suit by Exclusive Tailor


Made to measure suits Five rules of style

Made to measure suits – Five rules of style

Exclusive Tailor Made to measure suits Five rules of style 2It’s common knowledge, or at least a common saying that clothes make the man. That’s of course something we can nod to with approval, but the clothes won’t stand a chance without saying that the man make the clothes too. The clothes and the man needs to match – The way you mix and match your clothes, how you choose to wear your tailored suits, dress shirts, chinos, suit shorts, trousers, etc., all that is important. No clothes in the world can do that by itself. With your suit from Exclusive Tailor you’ll go a long way towards being determined as well-dressed, but there are a few things to keep in mind, to not ruin the style. After all, we want you to be dressed to impress, so for us it is important that you wear your suit without falling into these style-pitfalls.

Therefore we assembled a list of 5 style tips or rules on what to consider when donning your suit. No one ever said that dressing smart was easy, but with these tips in mind, you’ll be well-prepared for any occasion. Let’s dive into it, shall we?

1. Mix and match – the right way

When you wear accessories with your tailored suit, make sure that you select the right ones, so they don’t clash.  A golden watch face does not (read: never will) fit to a silver belt buckle – a typical style crime that we often see.  Or people who wear their black tie with brown leather shoes – it’s a no go! Rather mix it with the same, or matching colors. A black tie goes perfectly with a black or darker colored belt and black leather shoes. This is not the time to experiment too much. Keep it consistent and you can do no wrong.

2. Always empty your pockets

Don’t fall into the trap of stuffing your pockets with all your possessions, not even your phone. We see so many gentlemen with bulgy pockets filled with keys, cardholders, pocket change and more. It looks like you’re unprepared, and the suit should really express the opposite, that you are on the top of your game, knowing where you’re heading. Leave the bulky wallet and keys at home. Nothing ruins the line of custom-tailored trousers like your wallet, or what else you stuff in your back pocket. If you really need to carry things around with you in your bespoke suit, use your breast pocket of your dress shirt, or even better, the inner pockets of your suit. No, don’t even think about stuffing your wallet in there, but your phone. Maybe also your cardholder, but that’s it. If you need to bring money with you, use a money-clip. It takes up much less space.

3. Don’t let your formal dress be informal

You can have the nicest bespoke suit at the party, but if you’re dress shirt is untucked, or you look unshaven, your buttons are loose – you’re into getting the wrong kind of looks. A sort of eye-candy with a bad taste. Therefore, always make sure that your dress is complete before you leave your house. It doesn’t hurt if you check the mirrors once in a while to make sure that your style is sharp throughout the day. Before heading to a party, try to find out what dresscode is required. You may not even need to suit up, but when you do, then do it to knock down doors, do it to impress.

4. Accessorise with care

The trick about accessorising is really to not overdo it. It can be difficult to accessorise a suit, but if you’re doing it right, then the accessories can polish off that already tailored suit to a perfect shine. Whether you’ll chose a leather belt, a slim watch or tie bars is your choice, but don’t opt for large sport watches or jewellery. It’ll take the attention from your look and make people turn their heads – in a bad way. Always accessorise with care. If you feel it’s too much, it probably is. Always follow your gut feeling.

5. The tie etiquette that shall never be forgotten

Last, but not least, there’s the tie etiquette. Don’t be the guy that’s going to be mistaken as the clown at the wedding. Choose your tie wisely. The wrong tie can ruin even the finest tailored suit, while the right selection will make you become remembered as the best dressed in the room. Which one would you rather be? The clown, or the eye-candy? The choice is yours. Now that you’re a bit more knowledgeable on your suit-game, you can wear your suit with more confidence. Our articles all have that purpose – to make you look good, feel good and dress sharp. For more style advice, take a look at our other blog topics, or consult us by contacting us via mail or our contact form.

Why choosing made to measure over designer labels should be your preferred choice

The question of the day for you is this – what are designer labels to you? Are they a form of telling you that this is guaranteed quality, a form of branding yourself, or what is the reason for you to choose designer labels when purchasing suits and other custom-tailored garments?

If you have ever been in the dilemma of liking a stylish designer suit, which then doesn’t fit very well after all, it perhaps leaves you wondering whether you should go for style or for comfort. Is that right? Many clothes lovers, constant wardrobe upgraders and fashion fanatics on limited budgets would go for style and sacrifice comfort. Would you, too?

Did you know that with a made to measure suit, you can actually achieve both, and combine the best of both worlds? You don’t need to sacrifice the former with the latter or the other way around. What is even better, it can be done a lot cheaper than with the top brands.

Yes, bespoke suits are the answer when it comes to achieving style and comfort. Bespoke suits are handmade with an eye for detail and your personal style preferences in mind. With prices like ours at Exclusive Tailor, you won’t ever need to even look for other alternatives. Compared with a high-street designer, bespoke suits offer a fantastic value for both Gents and Ladies.

Undoubtedly, a bespoke suit will also last you many more years than an off the peg item – whether it will last a lifetime will depend on how well you look after it, whether you buy additional pairs of trousers (as these will show signs of wear long before the jacket does) and your own changing body shape (something beyond a tailor’s control).
In order to prolong the lifetime of your suit, stick to the classic options such as using a block colour like for example charcoal or navy blue and a more conservative cut for the blazer, a two- or three-button option and you’ll be assured a stylish outfit lasting potentially a lifetime. You can still add your personality with details such as the lining, buttons, pockets, etc.

To find out more about owning a bespoke suit and how the process works please get in touch with us here.

Remember, that at we also offer a personal tailoring service at Exclusive Tailor, meaning that we do frequent overseas tours to take measurements of our clients during individual meetings. Here we will bring the latest styles and materials with us and guide you through the choices, taking your preferred use and style into account. This adds to your convenience and you don’t need to take time out from your busy schedule anymore. To know more about our overseas tours, please visit us here!

What knot to wear - the right knot for the occasion

What knot to wear – the right knot for the occasion

A well-tailored suit is making you look dapper for every event you’re attending to, whether it is a wedding or formal event – but what would your suit be without the right tie to round up your look?
This, or in some cases a pocket square, is what makes the transition from smart to stylish.

Let’s go through the different options you have when it comes to ties, the different types, the knot variations.
With this in hand you’re prepared for just every occasion that you are invited or attending to.

The different types of ties

There are quite numerous varieties of ties one can wear with a custom-tailored suit. Here a short list of the most popular and commonly worn.

Bow tie – The bow tie is an old favourite and has been with us since the 17th century. Today, you can either purchase ‘freestyle’ bow ties where you must tie the bow yourself, ready tied varieties that attach to your collar using   band and clip-ons that dispense with the band altogether. Bow ties are considered more formal than standard neckties, and are best employed at weddings, dinner parties and formal drinks events.

Necktie – The necktie is the current most popular item to be worn with suits in both formal or more informal environments, although the history of the garment dates back to the early 17th century where it was first worn by Croatian mercenaries. Neckties can be worn in a number of different styles and tied in numerous ways, making them popular for work, business and social events.

Skinny – The skinny tie is a variation of the standard necktie, and first became popular during the mod years of the ‘50s and ‘60s. Skinny ties have narrower bands than the standard variety and rarely taper along the length. Skinny ties are suitable for informal occasions but not for more formal environments such as a wedding.

Cravat – The Cravat is a form of folded handkerchief, often fashioned in silk, worn around the neck of a tailored suit. Cravats have fluctuated in and out of fashion since first rising to prominence in 1660, enjoying a renaissance in Victorian England and again during the ‘60s. Through cravats aren’t often worn today, they can prove a stylish informal addition to a well-cut tailored suit.

The different knot types

For bow ties there basically is only one type of knot that you can knot. For neckties however, there are quite a lot of options when it comes to knot types, so we’ll again just mention the most common (and most used) choices.

Four-in-hand – The four-in-hand knot is the simplest of all the necktie knots to master – you may even have employed this technique during your school days! Make sure that you always centre the knot once you’re done and ensure that the knot is the right size: not too big, not too small.

Windsor – The Windsor is a more complex knot than many alternatives, but makes up for it by appearing elegant and sophisticated when executed correctly. A slightly more formal look than a four-in-hand knot, the Windsor knot should appear broader than its equivalent, forming a visible crease in the top of the tie itself.

Half Windsor – The half Windsor is known as the Windsor’s ‘little brother,’ and with good reason. Both easier to tie and producing a daintier knot than the Windsor, the half Windsor is ideal for ties of a lighter fabric.

When to wear which

There’s a know for every occasion, so let’s describe when to wear the four-in-hand, the windsor and the half windsor.

The four-in-hand knot

A common knot is the Four-in-Hand Knot, which is also the easiest. This knot is asymmetrical so it does not convey an overly formal appearance and due to its smaller and slightly elongated shape, it matches well on shirts with narrow spread collars or button down collar dress shirts. Typically, the four-in-hand knot goes best with skinny or medium-width ties and is usually preferred by tall men. Therefore, this knot is best for a dressy occasion that is not highly formal, such as parties or social outings.

The half Windsor knot

The second knot is the Half-Windsor Knot. The half-Windsor knot is a symmetrical knot that looks like an inverted triangle with the tip cut off that goes well on shirts with medium-width spread collars. Due to its versatility and requiring less of the tie-length for the knot, big and tall men prefer it on a regular basis. It is more formal than the four-in-hand knot and therefore worn on more formal events, such as job interviews and business meetings.

The full Windsor

The final knot is the Full-Windsor Knot. Full-Windsor knots go best with longer and wider ties. The shape of the full-Windsor is the same as that of the half-Windsor, but it is just larger than the half-Windsor. Since the full-Windsor is larger, it also appears highly formal and is usually worn with wide spread collar dress shirts and by men with larger necks. Full-Windsor knots go best at highly formal events, such as weddings or business meetings with highly important or powerful individuals.

Thanks to this brief guide you should now be an expert on ties – all you need now is a bespoke suit to match! Take a look at for more information.

Look out for next weeks article, where we’ll describe which tie fits to the unique face type of different gents out there.

Style-crimes a groom should never commit

Style-crimes a groom should never commit

The wedding season is almost over, but the next one is just around the corner. When there is not a summer wedding on the horizon, you can bet that the next Fall wedding is just around the corner. You know what that means. There are going to be many grooms to be that are hoping to ace their role to perfection on their big day, and there are going to be many guys that will commit style-crimes that should get them straight to fashion-jail, if there’d be one. Are you planning a wedding and looking to get inspired for your role as a groom, you’re probably trying to prepare not to be one of those guys doing the wrong things. Very good. A well-prepared groom is one that is less likely to fall for these pitfalls of style that we’ll focus on in this article. The pressure is already high, the blood pressure is reaching a point of a marathon-runner after 10-20 miles of uphill-running, and you are feeling dizzy, well – welcome to the world of being a groom! We have however gathered a small list of style mistakes you should never make, so you get one step closer to become the perfect groom-to-be.

“I don’t mind”

If your partner is asking about your opinion, and chances are that she will, since it probably is the biggest day of your lifes as a couple, don’t ever give her the vague and neutral answer “I don’t mind”. It will sound like that you don’t care, and even if it is the case, since you’ve been through a lot of planning and shopping, don’t ever show that you’re not interested. Remember that she most likely has a dream wedding in mind (and probably had since she was a little girl), so every bit of detail about it will probably mean a lot to her than you may realise.
Don’t be a “yes” man, but instead offer an opinion, so she will feel that the decisions she’ll make are being supported by you. Also try to offer an alternative solution, if you really just are against the idea she is proposing. You better learn that already. Show compassion, state your opinion and take a stance for or against it – you are a team – this is a team-effort.

Make the right choices on suits

Never, never settle for an ill-fitting suit. This goes without saying, since this is your big day, but make sure that your suit is well-fitted. This is the most important suit in your life – so make it count. Go the extra mile. Make sure that you not only look good, but instead look your very best, while also feeling comfortable in your attire for the special day. Trust us, a perfectly fitted suit will certainly make you feel like the star that night, the best dressed man – the one that has found an union with his suit (without stealing the attention from your bride of course).

Don’t ever make any purchases without your partners consent

You probably feel like you’re taking an active part, dealing with your wedding suit like the man you are, but don’t ever make this decision without consulting your wife to be first. There is, just like with many things in your future, a good chance that she will want to coordinate your looks, so don’t go out and choose anything that maks you look fancy, without any regard for what she wants. It won’t go down too well, so save yourself from that, before having to deal with it later (and you will hear for it, we promise).

You don’t need any disagreements about this, not at this stage, not ever. It will waste the precious time there is to plan the perfect wedding.

Don’t leave alterations to the last minute

If you already have a suit that you’d like to wear for the wedding, but it needs some adjustments because it magically shrunk somehow, make sure to get it done in good time. With a bit of self-discipline, chances are that your body won’t change drastically in a few weeks, so cross this point of your list as soon as you can.
The same goes if you’re having a custom-made suit crafted from scratch. You’ll want to make sure to give it at least 2-3 weeks to get done.

Keep your best man under control

The wedding day is to be celebrated, definitely. It should however be done in a way that is respectful to both families, yours and the brides – not to forget, all the other guests who are going to attend. Have a word with your best man beforehand, so you can outline a bit of a “plan of action” and “no go’s”, so you’ll avoid them planning anything that may seem unacceptable to attendants at the wedding.

These are only a few pointers to lead you in the right direction. Follow these and it will help you that everything runs smoothly in the preparation up to your big day.

Enjoy the wedding!

Summer style mistakes

Summer style mistakes

It is Summer – yes it is. Well, in some part of the world it is. For many the Summer so far has been a mix in weathers, but it’s Summer nonetheless, so you better dress the part – that is, if the weather allows it.

It’s too early for your winter wardrobe, so out comes the Summer wardrobe, if its not out already/still. It’s still time to impress those colleagues of yours, and the ladies of course, with your Summer fashion that you’ve in store.

No Summer without a few Summer style mistakes though, but we’ve summed up

the most common ones that you’ll want to avoid, in order to make sure to look your best, all summer long.

Short shorts

When being tempted to wear shorts, make sure that they don’t end up looking like hot pants. While you may find it sexy and attractive (if your confidence allows it), it’s not sure that everyone else thinks the same. Better stick to a pair of shorts that fall just above the knees – for your own sake, and everyone else around you.

All black layering

The colder months are optimal for the more muted color-range for your wardrobe, but greys and black colors can and should be switched out with lighter, more friendly colors for the Summer.
Allow your outfit to reflect the Season. Opt for brighter, lighter colors. It will not only help you lift your outfit and presence, but it will also reflect the heat far better than darker colors are able to.

The standard black socks

During the winter you’ll usually require a cosy pair of socks, all snuck and comfy, and with most suiting being black, grey or navy colored, chances are that most of your sucks are quite similar in color. A quick look in your drawer will confirm that, right?
That’s fine for most of the year, but during Summer, the last thing you’ll want to wear is a pair of dark sock standing out in your outfit. A typical fashion faux pas. Instead, try invisible socks, or get yourself a few pairs in lighter colors.

Tight jeans? Really?

Since we’ve mentioned that lighter colors are what you should be aiming for, we didn’t mean jeans. A pair of tight, white jeans may not – no – will not do you any favours. It will not make you look sophisticated – it will make you look odd and like you’re trying too hard, and you don’t want that, do you?

Too. Much. Chest.

We get you. It’s hot. You want to cool down, but there’s just nothing that is classy about unbuttoning half of the shirt to let the belly and/or the chest-hair come out freely. You are not a male model, and we’re not in the 90’s anymore – sadly. Why not keep your cool by opting for a lighter fabric, or a short-sleeved shirt? See, that’s better compared to going full out gorilla.

The same also applies for many vests. If you find yourself on the beach then you’re forgiven, but it really shouldn’t be a look you try to pull off anywhere else unless you’re wearing a shirt over it.

The Footwear

If the sun stands high and is relentlessly shining down on you, it is to set aside those dress shoes and switch it out with something more appropriate. Opt for a pair of loafers instead. Maybe even boat shoes, that will allow your feet to breathe and enjoy the Summer too.

For those of you Gentlemen that are eager to pull on their flip-flops, please reconsider. Please? They’ll rarely make a pretty sight and throw up more questions than you may like and be ready to give answers to.
Leave those for the holidays, or when you’re wandering around in your garden, at home.


Your winter clothing habits have nothing to do with your Summer looks. Keep what we’ve mentioned in mind and you’ll be well on your way for a stylish Sumer.
Remember, there’s a very thin and fine line between a classy summer look, and looking your part of a 90’s boyband, so choose your clothes with class in mind, Gents.

The tailored solution for men of all sizes and shapes

The tailored solution for men of all sizes and shapes

Your reason for opening this link to our blog with this precisely this topic, is probably because you’re struggling to find a suit that fits you in a flattering way, or because you’re curious about how a suit should fit. We get you.
We understand. And you’re right. This article is all about that, on the path to finding the suit that best compliments you and your unique body shape (everyone has their own shape, and that’s great)

In the world of custom-tailored suits there really isn’t one body type that does not look good in a suit. Everyone can look great in a suit, literally – everyone!
It all depends on your choice in what you’re looking for.
We’ve listed a few common issues that many men find with the way their suit fits them, and how a custom-tailored suit can overcome these issues.

Let’s get right into it.

For gents with broad shoulders

With slim fit being the latest fashion trend for ready-made off-the-rack suits, it can easily make your life a bit difficult if you’re equipped with a pair of broad shoulders. The shoulders are after all one of the most important elements in a suit, as it determines much of the fit, and can get you from perfect fit to a broken look in a heartbeat. When other gents look at you, when you’re showing up at a party, one of the first thing the suit-savvy guys will notice. are your shoulders. The shoulders are among one of the key factors to distinguish a well-tailored suit to an off-the-rack solution.

The seam on your jacket shoulder should sit neatly on top of where your arm meets your body. If it’s wider, and you see the sleeves slacking, whereas, when it is tighter, you’ll notice that it will cause creases along the jacket front.
An extra style tip for gents with broader shoulders is to steer away from jackets with narrow lapels, as they can often ruin the proportions of the suit and make you look even broader yet, because of the relative small size of the lapel.

For taller or slimmer gents

You’re one of the taller gentlemen with a bit longer limbs? Then the chances are that you’ve come across some off-the-rack suits that makes you look drowned and result in making you loose the shape that your body may have.

Also, many of these off-the-rack suits often don’t fit appropriately in terms of length. Most often it leaves you no choice, but to buy a size too large in order to fit your arms and legs – or settle with the fact that it’ll fall too short.

Since we imagine that you don’t want to look like a sack, a custom-tailored suit can be crafted for you in order to allow the right amount of space around your arms and legs, while also providing just the slightest nip along the body, to give the suit a little more shape. That would also fix the length of the arms, so you don’t have to worry about that again.
A general rule to follow is that 1-2 cm of your shirt cuff should show from under the jacket sleeve, so you’ll want it to sit neatly around your wrist bone. Take note, gentlemen.

For the gentlemen with a bit of extra padding

Some of us gentlemen put a bit of padding on throughout the years of good dinners, barbecues and weddings (the author of this article is a victim to that himself). There’s nothing wrong in that.

If you’re among these with a little extra on your rips, you should not make the mistake to try to hide it by wearing over-sized clothing. A mistake way too many gents fall for these days. It most likely makes you look even larger than you actually are. Instead of experimenting too much, make the right choice and get the suit custom-tailored to your exact body measurements, or at least get the off-the-rack suit you’ve bought fitted at a local alteration shop. The choice of color for your suit also plays in here. Darker colors are known to make you look slimmer, so opting for a darker colored suit is a good rule to follow, when looking for a new suit.

When looking at patterns, there’s a lot of skepticism about the efficiency of strips as to achieving a slimming look.
Some people think that vertical strips can help you achieving a slimmer look, while other swear of horizontal stripes doing the exact same trick. Nonetheless what you believe in, consider it before you purchase the next suit.
Keep in mind that looking good stems from the fact that you’re feeling good, so if you put on an off-the-rack suit, or even a custom-tailored one, and it doesn’t feel great – don’t buy it. Stick with what you’re comfortable wearing. It’s your suit, your choice. You should feel good in it. Period.

When determining whether a suit fits you, test it by standing upright and close the buttons. You should see that the front of your jacket should flow down your body, allowing just enough room to place a palm within it. If the lapels are flaring away from you, chances are that the suit is too tight. If you can fit your whole fist in with ease, then chances are high that the suit is too large for you.

Final note

There are many issues as to finding the right suit according to your body type. This is just a small selection of the most common ones. With a custom-tailored suit however, you’d ensure that your suit fits perfectly to your body shape. With a custom suit made just for you, there is no chance for you to face many of the issues mentioned above.

Choose a suit and shirts that really fit you well, to flatter your figure the best way possible. It will not only make you look sharp, it will make you feel great too!

To get more style tips, visit one of our other blog topics at:

Choosing a suit – lined, unlined or partially lined

Choosing a suit – lined, unlined or partially lined

There is quite a difference between buying an off-the-rack suit from your local store, to having a bespoke suit crafted to your exact body measurements, style preferences and design choices at your trusted tailor.
As implied, with a bespoke suit you have choices that you don’t have when you buy an off-the-rack suit. And often you don’t even have to spend higher budgets in order to go bespoke.

At Exclusive Tailors you’re spoilt for choice. You can choose every bit of the suit yourself. Fabric, color, cut, pattern – it is all in your hands.
Even in terms of lining of your suit, which this article will address – the choice is all yours.
Lining material, color and pattern – all that is not a problem!
Whether you’ll choose to have a fully lined, partially lined or unlined suit made, we’re ready to assist you. You dream it, we craft it.

To make a qualified choice about whether you’d want your suit lined or not, we’ve put this article together for you, to make that choice easier.

Fully lined suits

Fully lined suits are probably the most common choice. Chances are, that most of the off-the-rack suits you’ve bought at your local retailer are fully lined. A fully lined suit has sort of been the standard in suiting for many years, based on the fact that it is known to hold the structure of the suit better than unlined suits, they’re more durable and also significantly warmer. But you’ve got choices, if that’s not exactly what you’re looking for.
A number of different materials are used to line suits, including synthetic materials such as polyester and rayon, as well as natural materials, including cotton and silk.
A fully lined suit is often more durable, since the linings help suits lasting longer, and avoid wear and tear. The lining also provides structure of your suit, as it will help the material to retain the structure for longer, ensuring that the suit will look good for many years to come.
A lined suit also helps you with the general hygiene, since it will keep the suit material clean, preventing sweat and body odour from entering the fibres of the suit.
Last, but not least, a lined suit hides all the stitching and threads that are used under the construction of the garment, providing the interior with a more attractive finish.

partially lined 1

Unlined suits

You’ll not see these often, if you’re living in a colder region of the world, but this type of suit is quite popular in hot countries. On the contrary to lined suits, this unlined “suit-sibling” requires very precise tailoring in order to ensure that the hems and seams look neat and tidy on the inside of the garment.
You’ll find an unlined suit much more comfortable during hot weather, as it removes the heavy burden that a fully lined suit would lay on you. You’ll also find the suit far more breathable, since the lack of lining allows precious air to circulate during hotter days.
On the downside can be said, that unlined suits are harder to construct and the structure can be failing rather quickly without the support of a lining.

Partially lined

If you’re not sure about which of the above solutions are for you, there’s a third one, that may be just the perfect middle-choice for you. A partial lined suit is usually lined in the arms and shoulders, and sometimes also in the chest area, but the back is left unlined to improve breathability. Going partially lined is good for e.g. business travelers, that often face different, often changing weather conditions. You’ll find a partially lined suit far cooler compared to the fully lined solution. With a partially lined suit you’ll have the best of both worlds, so to speak, but like unlined suits, the partially lined suit is less durable. Also here the structure and shape is prone to be lost quicker and it may feel a bit more stuffed compared to the unlined alternative.

When choosing a suit lining, you’ll basically be confronted with these 3 choices. Each and everyone cater to different circumstances.

If you’re not quite sure yet which option is best for you, contact us via our contact form or via E-mail to arrange a fitting appointment or ask us to call you, so we can guide you through on your way to your first (or next) bespoke suit.

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