10 Techniques that every stylish gentleman should be able to master

You’ve been in the situation, we’re sure. Imagine the situation. You are on your way to a meeting with the boss, in line for a big promotions, but then it happens; you can’t get your tie to hold. While fixing that, you also notice a massive crease in your shirt sleeve, not to mention the scuff on your dress shoes. What a mess. You just don’t have the 30 minutes that it takes to shine them up. There it goes, the chance for the big promotion, right? Well, not necessarily. At least it won’t be because of your outfit. Most of the essential skills that gents need in order to look their best are actually quite quick and easy to pull off. In this article you’ll find the 10 most fundamental style skills that every gent should be able to master. If you manage to do this, then these tricks will help you put out “style-fires” before they even have the chance to get a foothold.


Technique number 1: The Half-Windsor Tie Knot

Half-what, you may find asking yourself? The Half-Windsor is just one of so many tie knots you could learn to master. The Half-Windsor is a medium-sized tie know that forms a symmetrical triangle on your neck. That however doesn’t make the necktie look too flashy, but still business appropriate. Since the Half-Windsor is smaller than a full Windsor knot, it’s compatible with a button-down-, medium spread- or a pointed collar on a dress shirt. A Half-Windsor is relatively quick and easy to tie. Just begin with the wide end that is longer than the narrow end. Take the wide end and cross it over the narrow end, going under and up through the neck opening, thereafter slip it through the loop you just formed. Hold on to the narrow end and push the knot up towards your neck. Does that sound confusing? Try it out for yourself, practice it, and very soon this will become an automatic practice as easy as tying your shoes.


Technique Number 2: The perfect necktie dimple

Not every gent can put up a smile and show off the attractive dimples of theirs. For a dimple-less face make use of necktie dimples. These wonders really help with adding more character to your formal and casual outfits by showing off to the world what attention to detail you master.
Start off by tying whatever tie knot you favour. Thereafter, right before you pull down to tighten it at the end, simply take the fingers and pinch the material of the knot in order to create a sort of a “W”-shape. With that set in place, the dimple stays hidden away – all day, every day.


Technique Number 3: The Parisian scarf knot

Scarves can be tricky, we’ll give you that. While they are supposed to help keeping you warm during winter times when you’re carrying out your business outside, you wouldn’t want them ending up being placed around your neck clumsily or pulled too tightly like a snake, squeezing the last breath out of you. All of the scarf-wearing gents out there therefore should learn the Parisian knot, as it is an easy-peasy knot that helps your scarf to be perfectly functional and stylish at the same time. No more tangles, no more loose ends to worry about. You can choose to tie the Parisian knot for a long wool scarf to get the best results. Simply fold the scarf in half lengthwise, hold the looped end with one hand, and the two loose ends with the other. Then wrap the scarf around your neck, threading the loose ends of the scarf through the loop. Lastly, pull them down to secure the know, and Voila, the Parisian knot. Neat, warm and charming.


Technique Number 4: Shine up your shoes

Yes, it seems like a pretty straightforward task to do, yet many get this wrong still. To shine up your shoes, take a brush and gently brush off the dirt of the dress shoes. If you choose to skip this step, you’re risking your shoes to seal the dirt in, and also harmful chemicals will apply onto the leather. Take a good horsehair brush for the best results, clean out the dirt, grime and remove old shoe polish residue. After that, proceed with the polishing (use an old white cloth).
For the best shoe-shining, do small circular strokes. After finishing that process, buff the shoes using the brush once more, and maintain a light pressure while doing so. This allows the new polish to come out looking as consistent as possible.


Technique Number 5: Remember to iron your dress shirt

You probably won’t come across anyone that truly loves ironing shirts, but if you truly care about style, this is a necessary evil. You know it is important, so you better stop procrastinating and get it done. Ironing is all routine that just takes a bit of getting used to. Simply turn on the iron with the appropriate heat setting, pour in distilled water, and get started with the back of the collar. Then the sleeves and then the back (you may need to reposition the shirt a few times for this). To prevent creases, smooth the fabric, spray distilled water to do the tougher ones. The next step are the shoulders before finally turning the shirt over to the front part. Iron the buttons and pockets very carefully. As the very last step, do the front collar and you’re done. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, make sure not to overheat the iron. There are different temperatures for cotton, silk, wools and dress shirts made from synthetic material.


Technique Number 6: Master the sleeve roll technique

The sleeve roll technique is essential. It does the job perfectly and makes sure that the sleeve stays where it is supposed to be. Your arms will still have room to move naturally and even unrolling the sleeve is a very quick thing to get done, when needed to. On top of that, if you happen to own a chambray or flannel shirt, this is the perfect way to crank up your casual style a bit. To get the sleeve roll done right, simply pull the cuff up to your arm. All that’s left after that is to roll back the sleeve so it solely exposes the top end of the cuff. This is all you need in order to keep your modified sleeve style neat and secure.


Technique Number 7: How to keep your dress shirt tucked in

It doesn’t really matter how well a dress shirt fits you, as if it ends up suddenly going untucked, it would do you any good. Even worse is when that happens in front of your colleagues, clients, or far worse, a lovely women that you happen to be talking to. You might just push the dress shirt back into your pants from different sides, but yeah, that will look awkward no matter how smooth you think you’re pulling this off. Okay, you could try to distract her, but chances for that to be a success is pretty slim to non-existing. So, what is the solution to that? Invest in a shirt stay and start getting used to be wearing them. With their strong elastic tension they lock your dress shirt into place the entire time. You’ll even forget that you’re using one, as the day progresses. There are 4 different versions of shirt stays, each doing their job in the same way. Once you have invested in one, untucked dress shirts will become a myth from the past.


Technique Number 8: Learn to fold a suit jacket

Imagine this. You’re flying out through the door, on the way to a big conference. Big names, the who is who of your company or an event where semi-celebrities are showing up. Either way, you should not let a wrinkled and poorly packed suit ruin what could potentially become a life-changing experience. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to properly fold a suit jacket:

1. Turn one shoulder inside out
2. Put the other shoulder inside the gap
3. Fold the jacket in half lengthwise
4. Load it in your suitcase or travel bag


Technique Number 9: Master the Presidential pocket square fold

Pocket squares are a small detail, yet a very powerful one. A pocket square often is what makes you stand out in a room full of suits and ties and adds an edge to the look. The pocket square does that. Here’s how to fold the simple, yet stylish Presidential pocket square fold:

1. Keep folding the square in half until it fits in the breast pocket of your jacket
2. Allow only a small part of the pocket square to be sticking out of the top of the pocket
3. If it doesn’t happen to fit in yet, fold the pocket square once more until it does.


Technique Number 10: The two-second T-Shirt fold technique

This one we add last, as we admittedly are no big fans of T-Shirts. Yet, we can’t get around this tip, as it actually is a very important one, if you’re wearing T-Shirts on a regular basis, and hey, most gents out there are. Folding T-Shirt won’t be any easier or more time-efficient than with this method, trust us.

First step is to lay out the T-Shirt flat to remove any wrinkles. Next up, visualise two lines:
1. a horizontal line across the middle and
2. a vertical line which cuts between the neck and left sleeve.


The two lines intersect to create a point A, with points B and C being the top and bottom endpoints of the vertical line. Place yourself on the right side of your T-Shirt and pinch point A gently using your left hand. Make sure that you’re grabbing both the front and back layers here.
Next up, pinch point B using your right hand, then bring down point B to point C. Then uncross your arms and lay the T-Shirt with the face (or print) down on the table. Fold in half in order to expose the front, and here you have it – a neatly folded T-Shirt. With a little practice – you’ll become very fast at this practice in no time.

Hands down, you may think now, if all those skills really matter. We say, yes, definitely. Not just solely for bragging rights or being a man, but they also prove that you don’t just care about style on surface level, but a very deep one instead.
If you master how to tie a Half-Windsor, how to put on scarves or pocket squares, how to iron your shirts and fold your jackets, you’re not simply a guy that can dress well. Instead, you are someone who embraces style – and the discipline that comes with it. That kind of discipline benefits both your professional and personal life. So gentlemen, let’s all aim to live in style.

The Do’s and Dont’s Style Tips for Tall Gents

This guide is for the taller gents out there. It aims to help you get inspired for dressing elegantly for men over 183 cm (6 feet). Let’s dive right into it.

The challenge that comes with being tall

If you happen to be among on of the taller gents, you know the struggle. Taller gents have a lot of advantages, but in terms of style and fashion to many other things, they often get treated poorly. From compact cars to airlines with decreasingly leg room, taller gents often aren’t considered at all, and when it comes to shopping, there’s no exception. Off-the-rack clothing tends to be designed with shorter gents in mind, and when we say shorter, we mean gents that are below 183 cm. (6 feet). For those that happen to be above that, they’ll know the struggle of wrists beginning to poke out from from the shirt cuffs and the ankles beginning to show. Not features that you’d like to highlight, as Dress Shirts easily get untucked, socks slide down and shoes above a size 15 are hard to find anywhere. Being a tall gents certainly has advantages, but shopping for the more elegant, well-fitting type of clothing can turn out to become quite the challenge. The point in dressing well as tall gents isn’t necessarily to hide your height altogether, but instead, like any other body type, the goal of dressing for a tall gents, is to look proportional and elegant. A larger gent just has to work a little harder than one of an average height gent has to. Mainstream clothes just aren’t designed with you in mind. We know, it’s not fair.
Clothes should always have an appropriate length and fit according to your proportions. That also includes hems, shirt cuffs, shoulders, pant rise and jacket length – to only mention a few. The patterns, the textures and colours should be used to support the overall look in a way that doesn’t exaggerate or overemphasise the height. The overall goal of that is quite simple – looking good!

The Style Do’s for Tall gents:

• DO use layers to add depth and dimension
• DO embrace the odd combination
• DO choose belts over braces
• DO embrace bolder types of shoes
• DO get everything you buy altered to your size
• DO invest in made-to-measure and bespoke clothing
• DO buy long-length ties
• DO buy over-the-calf socks

The Style DONT’s for Tall gents:

• DON’T wear bold, vertical stripes
• DON’T wear shorts and short-sleeved shirts together
• DON’T wear low-rise pants
• DON’T wear solid, dark suits or two solids together
• DON’T wear anything if it’s too short

The Conclusion:

We could add a lot of depth to this article, but this one is aimed for you cross off when shopping. If you need one of these points elaborated, please feel free to get in touch with us, so we can guide you through the entire process from style mess to true master of style and fashion according to your own preferences and height. We hope that this guide has helped you getting some ideas on how to get the best results out of buying new clothes, so you can look and feel confident at all times. If you are a tall gents and have some tips to share, please also feel free to contact us, so we can convey them to some of the other tall gents reading our blog.

exclusive tailor 7 solution dress guide summer 1

7 Solutions to Staying Cool in Your Summer Suit

It is Summer and it is hot. Finally, the most attractive Season among them all is upon us. The Summer really delivered so far, but it’s only gearing up to serve its best it can do. We bet you love it. Time to get some sun, time for fresh air, long walks in the thriving nature, time for ice-cream and time for vacations.

Chances are that you still need to work over the Summer though (can’t have vacation all Summer, can you?), so you probably need to adjust your wardrobe for the Season. Chances are that you’d still want to wear your suit – without sweating. Staying cool can be an issue, but we’ve got you covered with these 7 ways you can stay cool and comfortable during the Summer sun, but still look fashionable in your suit.

Lighten up on the colours

You’ve probably heard this one before: “Light colours absorb more heat”, which is very much true. In order for you to stay cool this Summer, try to opt for a suit in a lighter colour instead. Even if you’re not acquainted with wearing lighter colours, try to ease in into it opting for a grey or tan suit. It doesn’t need to be white right away (although that’s stylish too). Pastel shades, blue or green also serve as great eye-catchers, and what more is, it keeps you cool.

Thinner materials – go lightweight

It sound plausible. Thinner materials, lesser load on your body. Going for a thinner material can make all of the difference in the Summer. Wearing Linen and Cotton suits are for the warm weather, so opt for these this Summer and you’ll stay cool.
Silk is another great choice to opt for, it however gives the suit a shiny look, so this is probably not for you, that want to preserve a more reserved outfit. We do recommend you to try though, as it really makes a difference in terms of keeping you cool this Summer.

A Summer without the Tie

Unless it is strictly required by your employer, try to free yourself fro the suffocating Tie this Summer. Ties are not made to be worn in the heat, so try to break free and loosen it, remove it and undo your top buttons. Let that Summer feeling of being young and free reach your neck.

If you’re looking for an alternative for the tie during the Summer, try a pocket square for your blazer – it adds the same character to your look!

Give suit linings a Summer break

To add onto picking a lighter material for your suit, try to choose a blazer without a lining. It will further decrease the weight and thickness of the blazer, making it a more comfortable choice for the Summer.

The downside of a blazer without lining is that it can loose its shape quicker, however due ti the limited wear, you’re likely to get out of it in a typical American Summer – it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Wear shirts, but with a short sleeve

To continue on mission: Cool for the Summer, try to switch your long sleeved shirts with short sleeved ones. You feel that unacquainted fresh breeze of air on your skin. Get used to it – the short sleeve gives you a feeling of more freedom. It does serve for a more casual look, but you can afford to get away with it for formal occasions, if you’re wearing light-weight blazer on top of it, as you most likely won’t get to remove it anyway.

Go sockless, feel stressless

Choosing trousers with no break will allow some exposure of your ankles, which will give you a sudden, refreshing feeling. In fact, it will give you a feeling of wearing shorts, or doing something forbidden. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t destroy the look. Accompany your look by leaving the ankles bare. Yes, you read it right. Going sockless is fully acceptable during the Summer.
If that’s too much of a rebellion for you, try to wear sport socks, which remain hidden in your shoes.

Say it with shorts

Last, but not least, try to opt for shorts instead of the trousers you usually wear. Depending on the occasion of course, opting for suit shorts can give you a much needed breeze to those legs of yours. Suit shorts are for the more casual look, so experiment with colours and mix and match with different blazers (and remember to add colours).

At Exclusive Tailor we’ve got you covered for the Summer. We custom-tailor your bespoke clothing and we don’t stop at suits. We also craft separates, such as blazers, trousers, suit shorts, dress shirts, and even the rompet suits that are in fashion at the moment.

We cater to both Gents and Ladies, for all types of occasions. We cater for weddings, we’ve got you covered for your next business meeting, or your first job interview, the prom – you name it.

You have the occasion – we have the suit!

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help. Even if you’re placing your order from the other end of the world, in a matter of a few weeks you’ll hold a durable custom-tailored garment in hand with a perfect fit! That’s our guarantee!

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The Art Of Wearing a Suit

The Art Of Wearing a Suit

Yes, we’ve said it. It’s an art. Wearing a suit is art, as it can be worn in so many ways, so many different colours, according to the latest styles and fashion. It’s not as impressionistical as art, okay, nor do you need to look a long time to find the meaning behind a suit, as you may need with a painting, or a sculpture – but wearing a suit can be seen as art, as you definitely will look like a true masterpiece, or an individualistic painting, that people gather around, trying to understand the meaning behind the style.

Jokes aside, enough with the art references.
We at Exclusive Tailor are very determined to make you look the very best in your suit, at all times. At Exclusive Tailor we don’t just manufacture suits – we craft them! We don’t stop here though. We also make sure to deliver an aftersales-service next to none, so you’ll never feel stranded, or puzzled, when having to choose a style for the evening out, business meeting, or your job interview.

This article will dive into 7 rules that you should follow to look your very best in a suit. To the regular follower of our Facebook page, these rules may seem obvious. To the newcomers, this is for you.

Rule 1: Always leave the last button undone

This is one rule that all tailors, fashion bloggers, gentlemen and style-gurus agree on. Whether your suit has two or three buttons, you should always, we emphasise, always leave the last one unbuttoned.
Suits nowadays are designed to be worn with the last button unbuttoned. Fastening the final button can ruin your look, no matter how good your suit is tailored, or what material it is made of. If you fasten the final button makes your perfectly fitted suit King Edward VII (the “inventor” of this trend).
Quick recap: Apparently, King Edward grew so rotund that he was unable to fasten the bottom button of his waistcoat and jacket. To not offend the king, those associated with him started doing the same. The custom then gradually spread the world round (as England was still largely an imperial power with great influence across the globe).

Rule 2: Collar gaps

A very good and clear sign of an ill-fitting suit, is where you can see an obvious gap between the edge of the collar and the lapels of the suit. No, it’s not clear to everyone when there is a tiny collar gap, but now you’ve read this article, and other people before you, you (and they) will know, how it distracts from your overall look. Don’t make that mistake.

Rule 3: Thy belt shall match thy shoes

Always, yes, really – always match the colour of your shoes with the colour of your belt. It’s one of the very first rules of suit wearing. You may have heard it from your dad, who got it told from his dad – a rule that has been passed on over decades (or should have been). A colour mismatch is a definite faux pas at a formal occasion, but you might just get away with a brighter coloured belt for a more casual occasion. We advice you not to risk it though. Now, pass this rule on to your son, who then passes it on to his son…you get the picture. It’s important.

Rule 4: Tie clips – the right way (and placement)

Tie clips aren’t brain surgery and are not difficult to place correctly, but that doesn’t stop many Gents from getting it wrong anyway. Always place the tie clop on the tie between the third and fourth button on your shirt – and ensure your tie clip is no wider than your tie.

Rule 5: Unbutton when sitting

For the regular suit-wearers among you this rule has probably become more of a reflex already, but if you’re new to the world of suit-wearing (the bespoke ones, not the off-the-rack suit mess in your local stores), this is an important rule to follow. Keeping the suit buttoned up when you’re sat down creates stresses on the fabric in places and directions that it’s not built to withstand. In short, it while make your suit look like it’s stressed and trying to hold the whole thing from ripping apart. Don’t stress it. Unbutton the suit when you sit down. The other gentlemen at the party, your potential future employer or your business partners are doing this – so should you. It also gives you freedom to move, so this is a rule that probably comes quite convenient to you.

Rule 6: Don’t go over the top with your accessories

A patterned pocket square? A flashy tie clip? Go ahead wearing those (tie is optional), but don’t go overboard on accessorising. No need for those cufflinks too. Too much bling, ruins the swing. Let your suit speak for itself – don’t drown it in accessories.

Rule 7:  The right fit – the magic formular

 The more frequent readers of our blog and Facebook page can spot an ill-fitting suit from afar. It only takes a look at the shoulder and lapels to reveal a custom-tailored suit from one that is well, off-the-rack, or as otherwise known as – a mess. If you want your suit to make the right impression, it’s worth investing in a tailored or made-to-measure suit. Not only will it look far better than an off-the-rack garment, it’ll last longer too.

If you haven’t got a suit already, or need a new trusted suit to fit to the occasions you’ll be attenting to, or the new lifestyle you’re experiencing – it’s about time to invest in a custom-tailored suit. No off-the-rack solution can give you that feeling of a suit that fits like a glove. The off-the-rack solutions are simply not able to deliver suits that fit perfectly. If it fits around the shoulder, it usually flaps around at the button-holes. If the lapel looks neat and fits, then your shoulders may just look like they’re popping out any minute, giving you the look of “The Hulk”. Impressive at parties, but it’s not going to impress your future employer. You can take our word on that. Off-the-rack is cheaper, but as it often is with cheap solutions – you get what you pay for!

At Exclusive Tailor you’ll not only get a custom-tailored suit. You’d also tap into our rich experience in the field of tailoring. Our tailors use only the most durable materials, taking into account your posture, your body shape and even your gait. Our tailored suits are built to your precise specification, with hundreds of different linings and fabrics to choose from, in addition to many other design decisions that need to be made. We’ll create the suit of your dreams – but once we’ve created it for you, it’s up to you how you wear it.
Break these suit-wearing rules if you like, you little rebel, but remember that they’re in place for a reason. They are not made up by us, but come from years of experience from tailors and style-enthusiasts.

We hope you liked this article and found it useful. If you should have any questions, or would like us to cover a specific topic, please do get in touch with us.

Stay classy, gents.

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Wedding suits for grooms

Wedding suits for grooms: Five considerations to make

The big day is fast approaching? Palms are getting sweaty? You’re probably getting all psyched up, yeah? That’s quite normal. Especially your bride to be is probably on your toes, making sure that you’re ready for the big day. Is that right? Good, because she’s ready, and let’s be honest from one gent to another – she’s probably planned this through for years in her mind already – so you better make sure to step up your game too. Of course you’re helping her with all the preparations there are, as the gentleman and good husband to be you are. Wise man. But what about your suit?

It’s your wedding too, you know

While the bride may be the star of the show on the wedding day, the groom is also expected to look his best. You don’t want to come slouching after your beautiful bride as a modern day Quasimodo, do you? A tailored suit is often the only answer to the formal demands of a wedding day, but as with the bride and her wedding dress, the groom must make many decisions about the style of his garments before the big day approaches. At Exclusive Tailor we’ll gladly help you through all of your design options in order to craft a perfect, reliable and trendy bespoke suit for your big day.
While we’re more than happy to explain the entire process to you during our appointments, it helps if you’ve already considered several factors prior to your first consultation. Especially if you’re not able to make it to Phuket for personal consultations, or while we’re in town on our personal tailor tours.

First consideration: The level of formality

Many gents think that 3-piece suits are the best choice for a wedding, but for a more formal event like your wedding, you may wish to consider a dinner suit or tuxedo instead. If you’re getting married abroad, in a warmer climate, you’ll instead want a suit made out of a lighter fabric, such as linen.
Depending on the chosen location for your wedding, we’ll be able to guide you through on the choices of material, pattern, weight and more, so the earlier you tell us about the location, the earlier we can give you style advice, so you won’t end up either freezing or sweating (neither is very charming if you’re in front of your bride, left alone the guests) on this important day.

Second consideration: Should it be made just for you?

It is not unusual that the best man wears a similar suit as you on your big day. Maybe also the father of the bride, or other guests needs a suit-upgrade. It is a good idea to ask around beforehand, so you can make sure to get matching styles, linings, materials and patterns. That will help you avoid awkward mismatches of colours and styles on wedding photos, or guests that are completely out of style and proportions in his chosen suit.
Gifting a bespoke suit to your best man for example, is perhaps the biggest thank you that you can give to him for having your back on your big day.

Third consideration: Your preferred style

A tailored suit is not just any suit. There are plenty of variations in style available to you. Your choices won’t only depend on the location and time of year of your wedding, but also your own preferences. If you have a preferred cut, let your tailor know (that’s us, right?). If you’re unsure which cut will work best for you, discuss options with your tailor. If you have a preferred pattern, let us know. If you have a favourite colour in mind, let us know.
The more you tell us about your preferences, the closer we get to create the perfect wedding suit for you. We then give our input, taking your body shape, activity level on the wedding day and other factors into account.

Fourth consideration: Do you see it as an investment?

Your bride isn’t likely to get to wear her wedding dress again, but grooms on the other hand have the opportunity to wear their wedding suit again, many more times, to all sorts of events and occasions. If you’re thinking of your suit as a longterm investment, consider choosing a colour, shade and style that can be worn in the office or for other formal events. This approach may seem somewhat unromantic, but a bespoke suit is such a high quality, well-fitted garment that it’s a shame to only wear it once.

Fifth consideration: The Accessories

Cufflinks, pocket squares, bowties, neckties, cravats, tie bars and buttonholes are commonly worn at weddings. If you’re struggling with what to choose, let us know during a consultation, or while talking to us on the phone.
We can definitely be of help with style advice to help you look your best on your very special day.

It’s never too early to get started with your preparations for the wedding day. Why not begin today by setting up an appointment for a consultation, or call us to clear up some of the doubts and questions you may have before starting the measurement process.

Book an appointment today by clicking here.

Need more style advice? Please keep following our blog that is constantly updated with the latest news and style inspiration for just any occasion imaginable.

Formal wear tips - for the ladies

Formal wear tips – for the ladies

You are finding heaps of information, tips and guides for men on the internet when it comes to tailoring, fashion and style. There is however quite a lack of articles and useful information when it comes to the female readers on blogs and forums around the internet. Why is that? Are females in general better at finding inspiration themselves? Do they just know what is in style and know each and every detail they’d like to include in their custom-tailored garments, is there just no market for the female audience, or is it simply a field that is getting neglected?

To be fair, we do a lot of writing for gents too (stay tuned – many more articles in the pipeline, waiting to be published), but that is mainly because we feel that gents tend to have more questions prior to their orders, so we try to accommodate them by including their inquiries in articles about the different subjects. We find that quite a lot of females are following our website, but they don’t make a fraction of those inquiries compared to men. There’s a huge market for the female audience, but it is just not being catered to enough – sadly.

We’ll try to change that by writing articles targeted towards women, from evening dresses, wedding dresses, do’s and dont’s and of course about the centrepiece of tailoring – the work suits. We do that in hope for our female readership to take it in and use it as an inspiration for their next orders – so they are educated about every single detail that goes into a custom-tailored garment – no matter the choice of clothing. Habits however will more often than not guide you to the topic we know most about – and those are suits and dresses, whether it’s for formal or casual wear. This one will be all about formal wear – let’s get into it.


What makes a well-fitted suit

Knowing what makes a well-fitted suit is important in order to look good and also helps you to determine what you want when you’re having a tailor-made suit crafted for yourself. Every good tailor will make sure that you’re suited and fitted well, but knowing what makes a well-fitted suit will offer you that extra self-assurance that you’re really looking your absolute best.

We’ve looked at how each element of a suit should sit to form a perfect look for any formal occasion.

The Blazer

Among the fundamentals of the suit, the blazer takes a big part of the look and impression. The blazer in fact is the key element of the suit, so getting it right will define how your look is being perceived and how well-complimented your body shape is in your overall look. If it’s oversized, it will make your body look out of proportions and if it is too small you’ll be making the garment look like it is gasping for air. Getting it right, in the right proportions is therefore crucial in order to achieve a perfect look.
Out of the key points on a blazer is that the shoulders are not wider than they need to be. If the shoulders on the blazer extend too far in width, they’ll have you look broader than you actually are – and that seldom is an something you’d want.
While ensuring your shoulders are snug, make sure you also allow for room to manoeuvre your arms, a well fitted blazer should also allow for comfort so make sure you don’t feel restricted.
Talking about arm length, the guide lines are clear for the men, but for women however, you have more freedom with anywhere between the wrist and the top knuckle of the thumb being seen as suitable.
If your choice
Another area that women need to consider is the area around their bust. When dressing for a formal occasion then you’ll ideally want your blazer able to be buttoned, which means that it will need to be able close comfortably.
If it’s at a strain as a result of your bust it will not only look untidy, but also draw the wrong kind of attention on that area. Just bear in mind that it is widely accepted to just close the top button of your blazer.

The trousers

The length of your trousers right can be very tricky, in particular if you are planning to wear them paired with shoes of different heights. That is something that is somewhat an unique issue for women, when trying to find the right trousers for their suited look. Many women choose trousers that reach up to an inch off the floor and it’s fine when you’re wearing high-heels, it can also lead to the trousers “catching” the floor when you choose to wear them with flat shoes, which leads to worn out trousers on the back of your trousers. This certainly won’t impress anyone at a formal event.

You therefore have a bit of limits about your choice of footwear when it comes to suit trousers. A good way to get around this is to have the trousers cropped just above the ankles, allowing them to look good with both heels and flat shoes.

Last, but not least – the skirt

Well, the good old skirt is, similar to with your blazer arm length, important in helping to maintain a formal look, which is appropriate for most formal events. If you need a general rule to abide to, then ensure that the skirt is long enough to reach your knees. We definitely would recommend something that sits just the knees, just to play it safe.

When it comes to formal wear, there is always a need to be more reserved with your dress compared to your everyday work- or leisurewear. That goes for both the colors you choose to the fit of your suit.

At Exclusive Tailor we can help you with all your inquiries and questions you may have, before and after your purchase. See us as a style-guide, not “just” a tailor-shop. We’ll gladly help you to choose the right design, make sure that the measurements are correct and your up to speed when it comes to the latest fashion trends.

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Formal fashion first impression

Formal fashion, first impression

Imagine yourself being in this situation. You meet up for a business meeting in a conference room full of sharp suits and ties. You of course prepared carefully and came to the meeting wearing a suit as well, but why is it that you can’t get rid of the feeling that you’re being watched and people are smiling a bit mockingly at you?
You’re looking down at yourself to make a quick check-up, but you don’t notice anything out of the norm – so why are they smiling? It probably makes you uncomfortable, right? Maybe it is because your suit is a little too big or small for you, maybe it is because of the tie that is out of proportions, or maybe it is the way you chose to match your dress shirt with your suit this morning – who knows. Maybe it is also a piece of toilet paper that is attached to your shoes. There are countless of ways to mess up your look (and presentation) by choosing the wrong dresscode for the day.
First impressions are really crucial for any given event that you’re attending to. It can often lead to people developing an opinion of you before you’ve even spoken the first word. Much of our first impression stems from the way we walk, what we wear and how we present ourselves. That is why it is so important that you dress well, and look the part in order to ensure that nothing but positive impressions are drawn from you, from the very first sight.

We’ve looked at a few things that you can do in order to make a right first impression for a range of occasions.
Dress the part
It goes without saying really, but you need to ensure that you’re not only dressed well, but exceptionally well, whilst of course dress appropriate for the event you’re attending to. If you’re invited for a formal networking event, like we often are invited to, business attire is a mist, just like when you’re going on a first date in a fine dining restaurant – the sharp outfit should be the first thing she’ll notice.
To add to that, dressing well is really not only what you wear and how you pair it with other items, but moreover about how it fits you. You could be de dressed in top notch designer clothing made from the finest fabrics there exists, but if it fits like a bag of potatoes, then you’ll find yourself at odds trying to look good (very few can pull off a good look in a sack of potatoes).
This is often the case, for those people that don’t have what may be classified as a “regular” body shape (that’s most of us). For instance, men who are slim and have long limbs can really struggle buying off-the-rack jackets, which are fitted around the torso, while also being a good fit in length on the arms and shoulders.

Custom-tailored garments can really help you overcome this hurdle, and offer you the perfect solution in order to ensure that your clothes not solely provide the best possible fit, but also flatter your body more than the ready-made alternatives are able to.

Accessorise wisely

When it comes to accessories, you need to think thoroughly about what you match it with. Too little make it drown, too much will make you look like a Christmas tree. When teaming up accessories with formal outfits, they to be suited to the event you’re attending to. There isn’t a one-rule fits all for this, but in many cases the best look will be determined by what you wear and the occasion itself. Which pieces of accessories should you consider, you’re asking? The range is quite elaborate, from ties and cufflinks to watches, belts and even dress shoes. If you choose to attend to a business dinner, wear a nice watch and a pair of nice dress shoes for instance, or for a networking event, wear a subtle watch together with a nice tie that fits to your plain-colored shirt and dark suit. If you’re in for the business meeting, don’t over-accessorise, but instead wear nice striped tie, a pair of cufflinks and perhaps your most shiny dress shoes that you have in your wardrobe.


Confinde does the trick

Your parents have probably taught you this, and it is true, confidence and charisma are priceless traits to have, when it comes to polishing off your look. You can wear even the best fitting suit made from only the best materials, but if you enter the room with a body language that screams “is this the right room?”, then it is to no use. Enter the room, own the room. You’re one of a kind, a king of your own, so show others what you already know – show them what you’re made of.

This is a trait that comes natural to some, yet is a big challenge for others. It is something that you can practice, maybe even fake, if you know what to do. Walking with a straight posture, making eye contact and greeting your counterparts with a firm handshake, you’ll help make a good first impression.

It’s always good to keep in mind that you’ll be wanting to come off as being confident and approachable as opposed to being cocky. There’s a fine line between these two, especially when you’re dressed to impress.
Final note

Those are a few pointers to have in mind when trying to make a good first impression. A good rule to have in the back of your mind is also that if you believe that you look good, then chances are that you’ll also feel good, which naturally should give you a better stance. Next thing is to say the right things, but that is not something your clothes can help you with – that depends on the right preparation, but we’re sure that you’ve got that under control already.

Good luck with your upcoming events and meetings, Gents!

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