At Exclusive Tailor, we know that fashion is changing every day. That doesn’t only include casual wear but also business professional fashion. Keeping up with the ever-changing business professional fashion can be a challenge, but fear not, our experienced team here at Exclusive Tailor are here to make it easier for you.

THE 50’S

Let’s begin by saying that while the business fashion has changed, so has the work industry. Years ago, there was a large focus on what employees wore to work while today, companies have turned their focus to how work is being completed. That being said, in the ’50s, you could not come to work in casual clothing as it was important to look professional while working while today, businesses are not as worried about what employees are wearing, as long as they are being efficient when it comes to completing work.

It wasn’t even a question for men to wear a hat when getting to work and out in public. Regardless of what the man was wearing a hat was a must. In the ’50s, the hat was the main part of men’s fashion.


In just a single decade, business fashion noticed some important changes. Firstly, ties worn by men with suits were becoming noticeably skinnier. While the tie length was not changing, they had a drastic width change. Comparing to today’s fashion, we still see skinny ties as we did in the ’60s.


While there were most definitely fashion changes in the ’70s, we find that the 80’s business fashion changes are larger and more important for you to know of. Looking at the ladies this time, women’s workplace fashion was starting to resemble men’s business fashion. Supporting that statement, men had introduced shoulder pads for business suits and soon after, it was being found in women’s work fashion as well.

In the ’80s, the famous “Khaki” pants were also in style and are often worn as casual wear still today. The ’80s found many men wearing Khaki pants to work rather than a full suit with dress pants.


Today, fewer and fewer people are leaving the house to go to work. With so many freelancing and remote job positions, working over the phone and computer right from the comfort of your home has become very popular. Along with those work-industry changes come certain business fashion changes. First of all, being able to work from home is a comfortable choice for many and it would only be better if you got to wear your sweatpants or pajamas all day! You read that right, many people working from home are keeping their comfortable clothing all day without the need to worry about fashion.

Of course, this does not mean that there are not still workers who leave their house for work. For the said people, many are still sticking to the suit and tie as we saw in the ’50s, ‘ 60s and ’70s. Dressing formally in a suit and tie shows professionalism and will never get old. Feel like looking fancy today? Perhaps a suit and tie are all you need!

As you have read, the years have brought with them many changes in fashion. Depending on the person, these changes may be seen as good or bad, however, keeping up with fashion can be a challenge. Should you need some new formal workwear, get in touch with our experts here at Exclusive Tailor today!

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