Just because the weather turns cold it shouldn’t mean you abandon your style for your Autumn fashion. You just need to ensure you adapt your look to fit the season and to ensure you stay looking great without feeling the cold. Autumn fashion is all about getting the right fabrics, the right colors and the right combinations.


As the temperature falls, it’s time to think about heavyweight fabrics. Flannel shirts are a great way to maintain your look while switching to fabrics more appropriate to the season. Heavier denim and twill pants instead of chinos are other ways to stay looking cool bit feeling warm.


It’s that time of year when the weather is changeable, so you need to be prepared. It’s best to layer your clothing so that you can add or remove garments as the weather changes. Just make sure you choose earthy, neutral colors which all match so that you don’t end up sporting clashing colors. Keep bold colors to your accessories.


An overshirt is an incredibly adaptable piece of kit. It can be worn either as an outer layer in place of a jacket or sports coat when the weather is fair, and when it turns cold the overshirt is perfect to wear underneath a jacket as an extra layer of warmth. Again, it’s best to stick to a neutral color.


Fall means rainfall so a waterproof jacket is a must; it’s difficult to style out a soaked shirt or sweater. These days there are some stylish designs in weatherproof and wax jackets, and Gore-Tex fabrics have had a makeover. Just make sure you buy early. A purchase born out of necessity is likely to end up being practical but lacking in style.


You can’t have style without color. It’s tempting to pull out your tan, stone and brown gear at this time of year – which is fine as long as you add some color to it. Oranges, deep reds, and mustard yellows will hit the mark. Nothing too bright and summery and the usual rules apply – match your pocket square with your tie if you’re in a suit, and pair your belt and shoes too.


Put away any canvas or suedes shoes and invest in a decent pair of boots. These are going to have to see you through the season and through a variety of outfits. So, you’re best to get at least two pairs -one black and one tan. Once you have these in your wardrobe, by all means, spruce it up with other colors but your first two pairs should be classic and versatile. Chelsea boot is the kind of style you can rely on here. And some footwear protector is essential to make sure they last.

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