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You may know this situation all too well. A friend, a member of your family or some colleagues at work asked you about where you’ve gotten your suit made. You tell them about us, they get in touch with us, and if they’re happy with the quality, price and the workmanship, they submit their measurements and style preferences, and the order process will begin.
Have you thought about monetising this referral? Well, we have. We are thankful for every referral that is made towards our business, and would like to reward you for it.

We are always looking for more agents to collaborate with us on a commission basis. So, if you are looking to make a bit of money on the side, feel free to get in touch with your referrals, and earn a commission for every order they place with us.
You’ll get a certain percentage of the total sale once the payment has been fully made to us by your friend, family member and/or colleague.

All you need to do is to give us the contact details of the referral, we then set up a personal meeting and travel to his or her home town to get the measurements taken.
If the client prefers, he or she can also choose to submit their measurements online, with our guidance.

For overseas tours/trunk shows, we try to lower travel costs, so we of course prefer to get enough appointments set up with potential customers to make a trip worthwhile. If you have a single referral only however, that’s no problem either. We then try to work around our schedule to cover that town as well during our upcoming overseas tours/trunk shows.

Once the sale has been completed and the payment been made, we then send you the commission immediately. Alternatively, we can also custom-tailor clothes for you for that amount. That’s completely your decision though.

Does that sound interesting?

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