So, you’ve invested in a wool suit and had it tailored to fit perfectly. How do you make sure it’s kept in good condition and has a long life?

Hang it up


There is no other alternative. Your suit must be hung up on a good quality hanger in a cool dry place. It needs space to breathe so don’t cram it into your wardrobe and have it squeezed up against other clothes. You want to leave a gap of about 2.5 cm’s to allow it to air and stay fresh. By doing this you’ll limit the number of times you need to send it to the dry cleaners.

Never iron it


Keeping your suit hung up will prevent it from wrinkling and allow any creases that have occurred from wearing it to fall out naturally. Ironing your suit will burn the fibers and make the fabric look shiny. If you do need to remove creases your first choice should be to take it to a dry cleaner. Sure, it might cost but this is a quality garment and it’s better to pay a professional to take care of it than to ruin the suit and have to replace it. If you do want to try removing creases at home, hang it in the bathroom while you have a hot shower and let the steam remove them for you.

If you follow these tips and have your suits well taken care of, you will be able to use them for the longest time while still looking fresh and sharp! Your wallet will also be very thankful, as you won’t have to spend a bomb on excessive dry-cleaning or having to replace your suits frequently!

Use a lint roller and brush


Wool traps small particles and needs to be gently brushed after each wear. It’s best to use a horsehair wool-garment brush and to brush in a downward motion to get rid of dust and other debris. The other option is a lint roller which will remove larger debris such as pet hair. For best results, use a lint roller followed by a brush to remove all dust and dirt before returning your suit to its place in the wardrobe.


Never machine wash your suit


It might be tempting to just chuck your suit in the washing machine and give it a wash, but this will damage the fabric beyond repair meaning, even if you can still wear it, it will never fit properly again. It should only be cleaned by a dry cleaner, and as infrequently as possible, as dry cleaning chemicals are quite harsh in the fabric. Exactly how often you need to dry clean it will depend on how often you wear the suit, but you can reduce the need to visit the dry cleaners by adhering to the advice given above.

At Exclusive Tailor, our master craftsmen use only the best quality fabrics to produce a suit made to last. By following these guidelines you can ensure maximum longevity in your suit. To view our range of suits or for more information on our tailoring process visit our website.

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