Colours play an important role in our lives, they influence the way we perceive things. We often associate a certain color with certain aspects, for example, red means danger whereas yellow means happiness. Finding the right colour combinations is a game of mix and match. When you pair them well you can be sure to enhance your appearance immensely. So, how do you achieve a complete and balanced look? We’ve got you covered, choose from our many colour combination ideas right here and be sure to look fabulous and attractive when you step out wearing all the right tones.


Understanding the colour wheel can be useful to choose the right combinations. The colour wheel is a rough guide to understanding which hues pair well together. It allows you to identify complementary and simple colours that can be matched. Complementary colours which are opposites on the wheel offer the perfect contrast, like red and green. Analogous colours are colours that are side by side on the wheel and are those combinations that blend well together like green-yellow-orange. Triadic colours are colours in the shape of a triangle, they are evenly spaced hues that can be quite bold when paired together like red, blue and yellow. The colour wheel is however only a point of reference for you. Nailing the right colour combinations comes from experience and experiments, really. What works for you can only be known by trying different options until you find the perfect one for yourself.


Navy and White is a classic combination. The tones compliment each other and lift your appearance. A crisp white dress shirt with a bespoke navy blue suit is a definite winner. Navy can also be paired with beige, maroon, light shades of blue and soft pink. Remember to mix and match navy to lighter tones in order to achieve a more balanced look.

Grey and Black can help you achieve a contrasting look that is muted. Throw on a pair of black denim and wear a grey T-shirt or even match a black dress shirt to grey trousers and you are sure to be a stunner!

Green and Khaki is a combination that is heavily influenced by the military but has now found its way into everyday fashion. It gives you a woodland vibe and you can be sure to rock a pair of khaki pants with a green sweatshirt or jacket.

Brown and Cream is a combination you can’t go wrong with. Suits made with these colours are an absolute classic and a summer essential. Pair brown on tan, or tan on tan. It doesn’t matter because when these two colours are involved the outfit is already a show stopper.

Black and White is a timeless classic. The high contrast gives you a clean and elegant look. This combination, however, makes for a formal event. When you put this on you can be sure to look fancy and chic. Bear in mind that black suits, white shirts, and red bow ties can make men look ten times more attractive.

These are only a few combinations but they work every time. Color matching is a very big part of your personal style, so choose wisely. To see a full range of our materials to get inspired by for mixing and matching, please refer to our material selection.

If in doubt, at Exclusive Tailor, we always know what works best and can play around with colors to find you the right combination. With custom-made suits in fashion and everyone on the lookout for something, unique Phuket has become a popular fashion destination. At Exclusive Tailor in Phuket, we can help you match the right colors and custom-tailor a high-quality bespoke suit for you. To know, please feel free to get in touch via our Contact us section.

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