7 Solutions to Staying Cool in Your Summer Suit

7 Solutions to Staying Cool in Your Summer Suit

It is Summer and it is hot. Finally, the most attractive Season among them all is upon us. The Summer really delivered so far, but it’s only gearing up to serve its best it can do. We bet you love it. Time to get some sun, time for fresh air, long walks in the thriving nature, time for ice-cream and time for vacations.

Chances are that you still need to work over the Summer though (can’t have vacation all Summer, can you?), so you probably need to adjust your wardrobe for the Season. Chances are that you’d still want to wear your suit – without sweating. Staying cool can be an issue, but we’ve got you covered with these 7 ways you can stay cool and comfortable during the Summer sun, but still look fashionable in your suit.

Lighten up on the colours

You’ve probably heard this one before: “Light colours absorb more heat”, which is very much true. In order for you to stay cool this Summer, try to opt for a suit in a lighter colour instead. Even if you’re not acquainted with wearing lighter colours, try to ease in into it opting for a grey or tan suit. It doesn’t need to be white right away (although that’s stylish too). Pastel shades, blue or green also serve as great eye-catchers, and what more is, it keeps you cool.

Thinner materials – go lightweight

It sound plausible. Thinner materials, lesser load on your body. Going for a thinner material can make all of the difference in the Summer. Wearing Linen and Cotton suits are for the warm weather, so opt for these this Summer and you’ll stay cool.
Silk is another great choice to opt for, it however gives the suit a shiny look, so this is probably not for you, that want to preserve a more reserved outfit. We do recommend you to try though, as it really makes a difference in terms of keeping you cool this Summer.

A Summer without the Tie

Unless it is strictly required by your employer, try to free yourself fro the suffocating Tie this Summer. Ties are not made to be worn in the heat, so try to break free and loosen it, remove it and undo your top buttons. Let that Summer feeling of being young and free reach your neck.

If you’re looking for an alternative for the tie during the Summer, try a pocket square for your blazer – it adds the same character to your look!

Give suit linings a Summer break

To add onto picking a lighter material for your suit, try to choose a blazer without a lining. It will further decrease the weight and thickness of the blazer, making it a more comfortable choice for the Summer.

The downside of a blazer without lining is that it can loose its shape quicker, however due ti the limited wear, you’re likely to get out of it in a typical American Summer – it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Wear shirts, but with a short sleeve

To continue on mission: Cool for the Summer, try to switch your long sleeved shirts with short sleeved ones. You feel that unacquainted fresh breeze of air on your skin. Get used to it – the short sleeve gives you a feeling of more freedom. It does serve for a more casual look, but you can afford to get away with it for formal occasions, if you’re wearing light-weight blazer on top of it, as you most likely won’t get to remove it anyway.

Go sockless, feel stressless

Choosing trousers with no break will allow some exposure of your ankles, which will give you a sudden, refreshing feeling. In fact, it will give you a feeling of wearing shorts, or doing something forbidden. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t destroy the look. Accompany your look by leaving the ankles bare. Yes, you read it right. Going sockless is fully acceptable during the Summer.
If that’s too much of a rebellion for you, try to wear sport socks, which remain hidden in your shoes.

Say it with shorts

Last, but not least, try to opt for shorts instead of the trousers you usually wear. Depending on the occasion of course, opting for suit shorts can give you a much needed breeze to those legs of yours. Suit shorts are for the more casual look, so experiment with colours and mix and match with different blazers (and remember to add colours).

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