6 important travel tips to keep in mind for your suit

6 important travel tips to keep in mind for your suit

There is never a time not to wear a suit really. That also goes for when you’re traveling of course. Making the right impression is important no matter where you are. If the suit however looks a complete mess, all creased and wrinkled, making it look the part of your long travel, then all that attention to detail, money and effort is really wasted.
This happens a lot when you’re traveling the world on shorter or longer trips for business or job interviews, whether you’ll stay a night or two in a hotel or not – your suit will probably look the part. Traveling is not always easy with a suit, so it’s important that you are careful and fully prepared to keep the sharp look that you intended to show up with at your meeting or interview. Here’s some tips for you to keep in mind when you’re out on travels with your suit the next time.

Pack correctly

If you’re away on a short trip and need to bring a few of your best suits, then you should ensure that you pack your clothes appropriately in order to minimise creasing. Make sure to fold your suit jacket inside out, which will allow it to remain more protected to creasing.

Unpack as soon as possible

Once you’ve reached the hotel, first things first – unpack the suits and place it on a hanger. This gives the suit a chance to allow your suit to rest and easy out any potential creases it may have gotten on your trip. It’s quite inevitable to get some creasing, so by hanging it as soon as you reach the hotel, you’ll be sure of giving the suit a little rest, and so should you.

Use a garment bag

If you don’t have a garment bag yet, buy one. If you are on any trip with the suit, then a garment bag is a must-have. Don’t buy the cheap ones, invest a little. It’s your suit after all. A garment bag in a higher quality will leave enough room for your suit to breathe in, while it avoids the suit fabric from getting creased.

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Steam, not iron

A good way to protect the suit and removing creasing is to take the good old steam-iron and give it a quick steaming. If the hotel you’re staying at doesn’t have a steam-iron, leave the suit on a hanger and take it with you to the bathroom. No, we’ve not lost our mind. Leave the suit on the hanger while taking a hot shower and the creasing will ease out.

Cleaning it, the right way

If you’re experiencing the nightmare scenario to get stains on your suit while traveling, don’t panic. There’s help. Take the suit to the nearest dry cleaners to get a quick fix to the problem. This should not become a habit, since it is going to take longer to dry, and the chemicals used are not what you’re suit is craving for, but it’s better than nothing, if your suit is really dirty.
If you can avoid the deep clean of your suit and we’re talking about just a little stain, then rather spot clean your suit wherever needed to preserve the suit. This will also guarantee your suit to be dry when its needed on the contrary to after taking it to the dry cleaners.

Brush it

To make sure that you’re looking your very best is by regularly giving the suit a brush with a lint brush. The brush will help to remove any dirt and hairs that may have nestled itself in your suit from previous wear or during the travel. A lint brush also doesn’t require much space in your luggage, so better be safe than sorry.
If you are sitting there with knowledge of further travel tips, feel free to get in touch with us, so we can add it to our next article.
We’re always delighted to hear from our customers’ experiences.

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