5 Style Rules To Break immediately - The Beginners Fashion Guidelines

5 Style Rules To Break immediately - The Beginners Fashion Guidelines

5 Style Rules To Break immediately

When talking about Rules when it comes to Style, we start to cringe. Why? Well, because in Style there are NO rules, or at least their shouldn’t be. Instead of calling it rules, we prefer the word guidelines, as that represents more of what we’re trying to achieve with our articles – to guide you through on the general perceptions there are out there for both gents and ladies. To continue doing this, we will in this article go through 5 ways to start thinking a bit outside the box when it comes to Style, some that still won’t go against the general traditions. In short, 5 guidelines to break, that instead help you become a stylish gent or lady, one that is confident about what he or she is wearing. Let’s get started right away.

Style Guideline #1 that you should break: Matching your metal and leather accessories

If you happen to be married, then you may already have spotted the snag in this rule. Most metal accessories are made of silver and most wedding rings are made of gold. Maybe you don’t like wearing gold much, or maybe your skin looks kind of sickly when you wear it, but instead maybe looks great with silver. It often depends. Maybe you just love gold, but the watch you inherited from your grandfather is silver.

Don’t sweat it!

Instead, let pieces of sentimental value be exceptions. Just make sure that all your other accessory metals match each other. As said so frequently, it is important that you look at the bigger picture here.

A few pro-tips for some serious metal-matching:
  • If you happen to own a mixture of gold and silver-toned accessories, and want to wear one watch made of metal at all times, then either make sure that the watch is a mix of gold and silver tones, or choose a type of metal with a black or brown finish (of course, then you have to match it to your leathers, but if you pair black metal with brown wood you’ve got your bases covered there too).
  • Bear in mind that we are talking about the tones of silver and gold, not necessarily the metals. Brass and bronze also count as gold whereas steel and platinum also counts as silver.
  • Always match your metals with who you are – yourself. Your skin tone very much so plays a role in which metals will look best on you. If your skin happens to have red or yellow undertones, you Sir have a warm skin tonethat just looks the best with gold. If it has blue undertones, you instead have a cool skin tone, one that looks best with silver, and that will also be why you maybe look “sickly” wearing

Style Guideline #2 that you should break: Wearing only clothes that you feel comfortable in

Taking risks when it comes to Style didn’t rarely create a new Fashion movement. That’s not what you should strive for, but really, try to make more style mistakes, if you can. If you think that we’ve lost our mind, please read on.

Taking risks can yield huge dividends

Remember that time when you came up with your signature? How did you find that you recon? Yes, exactly – You experimented! You won’t come up with a signature Style if you don’t experiment. That’s how simple it is.

Clothes you’d wear when in your comfort zone consists of some that you look okay in. Somewhere outside these, are the clothes you will look your best in. Style favours the bold – remember this, always.

If you happen to like something, but it gives you the feeling of being uncomfortable, don’t despair – practice!
Spend time learning to wear a new style, where the stakes are low – among friends, out to the grocery store, or even just around the house. Baby steps, then bigger, bolder ones.

Change always is uncomfortable. Once you’re used to the clothes, you’ll most likely feel confident and relaxed in them – and it’ll show.

Style Guideline #3 that you should break: Learning to use colors and patterns

Although you shouldn’t go all too wild here either, try through to experiment a bit more when it comes to matching colors and patterns in dress shirts. The sooner you learn how to use color and pattern matching, the sooner you will achieve bigger results, to then look even better than the guy that still “only” is donning white and blue. If you take a look at the best dressers out there, you’ll quickly see that they don’t wear only the two basic safe options recommended for beginners. No, they have evolved from there, evolved into more secure style practices and what is even better – they know themselves.

Colors such as gold, lavender, green and yes, even pink are all amazing colors to try out, or maybe even off-white (which by the way is a much better option than bright snow-white, if you happen to have stained or yellow teeth).

Stripes are a good place to start when talking about patterns. They are only marginally less formal than plain shirts, especially when the stripes are of a narrower kind. Speaking of stripe width, make sure that it is different from the width of the stripes on your necktie and suit.

Checks are a little more casual, but still serve perfectly as acceptable business wear. Again, keep this small “rule” in mind. The smaller the pattern, the more formal the dress shirt. More creative patterns like paisley and florals serve best when worn outside the office. If you however want to bring a little fun into your workday, then a multi-colored stripe or check is a better way to opt for.

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Style Guideline #4 that you should break: Having a signature scent

There are always fragrances out there that you haven’t tried yet, but would end up being some that you get more compliments for.

Well, try as many as you can. Try to buy sample-size bottles, or cut costs by joining forces with friends and swap colognes, and decanting them into smaller bottles to split between you. Try things that you normally wouldn’t – like scents that are ‘supposed’ to be for older or younger gents. Some guys have even found that the perfume of their girlfriends smells masculine on them because they have different skin chemistry from women. Try also to join a fragrance forum and ask your fellow gentlemen out there for advice. There are plenty of gents out there who know their scents, and the more specific you can be, the more helpful advice you’ll get from them. Also for this “rule” – dare to make mistakes. Exit your comfort zone as often as you can. That’s what this stage of your style journey is all about.

Style Guideline #5 that you should break: Building an interchangeable wardrobe

You probably know by now that building an interchangeable wardrobe is quite important – one where everything goes with everything, so you get exponentially huge numbers of outfits from only a few pieces of clothing.

An interchangeable wardrobe just works. Why? Because it’s limiting, but it’s also limiting because it’s limiting. It really cuts down color choices. But what if we tell you that there are 3 colors that you look and feel great in, or even four? What if you love green, but it clashes with all those neutral, neutral blues? Stick with interchangeable pieces until you have learned to build a core wardrobe for yourself with something to wear for basically every occasion.

Only then, start to spice up those blues and neutrals with more colorful and individual pieces. Go ahead and buy that necktie that you really love, one that only goes with one dress shirt. Once you’ve got the basics, the real fun begins, as you progress on learning how to develop your personal style.

There we have it, 5 guidelines for you to break in order to develop your own, personal style. If you need to get inspired for your personal style, feel free to take a look at our style section on our website. Thanks for reading! We’ll be back with other great style and fashion news soon.