4 advantages of custom-tailored dress shirts

4 advantages of custom-tailored dress shirts

Custom dress-shirts are nowadays a standard part of your daily wear, but did you know that once it was considered as a privilege to wear them? Back in the days, and no, this is not the beginning of a story that your granddad would be telling you, costing you an hour of your life, earlier it was a style extravaganza that only the well-off individuals could afford to wear and/or, have tailored.

Since the dawn of custom dress-shirts (picture it, the awakening of the shirts), they helped the style-discerned gentleman with adding a dapper touch of style and the extra “wow factor” to celebrities, Wall Street bankers, and others, who were able to afford such a luxury.

Times have changed
Luckily, things have changed drastically since then. Even if you are not banking big money on Wall Street or happen to be a celebrity with healthy bank statements; nowadays most people can afford to dress well. There’s practically no limitation (or excuse) to not dress in style with a custom-tailored dress shirt, one that is crafted to your exact body measurements. This is where Exclusive Tailor comes into the picture. With clothing made from our tailor-shop in Patong, Phuket you’ll never have (or want to have) another excuse for not dressing in garments that are crafted to your exact body measurements. We’ve been in the “feel good in what you wear” industry since the 1980’s, and we’re passioned about it, so don’t expect us to end this tradition anytime soon.

Times and demands have changed, but so have means of delivery, and the globalization did the rest. Nowadays it is not uncommon to order a shirt online on our website, and expect it in your mailbox from 3 days to 2 weeks after the order was placed. It’s freshly sewn for you – and only you.

4 advantages of wearing a bespoke dress shirt
Before we dive all too much into how easy ordering is and how affordable it is to have garments custom-tailored, let’s focus on what this article is really about; 5 of the main advantages for you to be wearing custom-tailored dress shirts.

The price
Not surprisingly, we’ll cover the main concern of many potential customers here first, the price.

We highlight this because it is usually a large part in the decision making before deciding to buy anything these days. Throw away the old thought about custom wear being only for the big bankers on Wall Street, because our world renowned men’s custom dress shirts range from $50$. This comes with the choice of hundreds of fabric choices, contrast fabrics for cuffs, collars and sleeves, monogramming, and many other unprecedented design features. There’s in fact so much to choose from, that you may want to sit down and sip a complimentary drink first.
The price is also something that you can hardly find for off the rack shirts that won’t fit you half as well, let alone match our quality craftsmanship. Just saying.

The Fit

There’s no reason to go to a tailor, if not the fit is perfect. Nothing less goes. Even the price is then not a convincing factor. Custom-tailored clothes need to fit you 100% and they will be (well unless you cheated with your measurements). All our garments are crafted for one person only – and that is you. This arguably could be listed first but either way you look at it, fit is basically the reason anyone looks into custom clothing. If you’ve never gone this route before don’t worry, we have step by step instructional videos on our website. With that, it is quite difficult to get them wrong. If you ever feel uncertain about whether you’ve taken them correctly, feel free to call us, so we can guide you through the process.

The design

Another key aspect of opting for custom-tailored clothes from a tailor-shop is of course the abundance of design options you have. It’s not only a suit that is made to your exact body measurements, it’s also one that comes with all your unique design choices. There’s almost nothing that we can’t do, so try us. See if we’re up for the challenge. We definitely are. There’s very few things that we didn’t try before. Check for example our previous clients on our website and see the wide range of designs they left our shop with. You can design your cuffs, your pockets, your collars, your buttons, even your thread color. Vents are a part of it too, and who said monograms? We did! Everything that you think would look good on a shirt and that would compliment your body type, we can craft for you.
Our design options are countless and when you couple this with the fit, price, and quality we offer, our shirts are truly second to none.

The style, the look, the fame – the name of the game

Custom-tailored dress-shirts are all about style. From the customization of the sleeves to the contrast colors of your inner plackets, thread color and more – all is part of the style you are about to create – one for the new you!

Perhaps you noticed a specific pattern at Nordstrom’s or Macy’s that was three times the price, not custom fitted and off the rack. We ask the question, why pay three times the price for a lack in fit, when you can design the style of the shirt exactly as you desire, have it custom tailored to your bodies specific measurements, and spend less? Well, we don’t know either!
When it all boils down, what does custom clothing give you? It gives you a look that is like no other. Stand-alone unique style that was custom designed by you and custom fitted for you. If you want a better idea of what iTailor custom dress shirts look like in real life do yourself a favor and take a 5 minute look here.

That sums up this article. As usual, if you liked what you read here, or have any questions, please feel free to let us know, so we can cover it in one of our upcoming  articles.
If you’d like to design your very own custom dress shirts, please feel free to get in touch with us here.