Tailoring is about looking and feeling your best. When buying clothes there are basically two options; tailored or off-the-rack. Depending on where you shop, the quality of off-the-rack clothing varies and you’ll often find that, at the lower end of the market, shirts are simply sold in S, M, L, XL, etc, while some of the higher-end products will have more specific chest and neck measurements. But no matter what, off-the-rack clothing is designed to fit as many people of a similar shape and size as possible. So, whoever you are and whatever your size, tailoring will ensure that your clothes fit correctly and look good. Here we look at some of the most common garments with some guidance for larger men on what to look out for.




Single-breasted jackets with generous notched lapels often suit larger men as they give you a slimmer frame than the double-breasted jacket. Suit pockets are also important. A flapped pocket will draw attention to your midsection so we suggest a piped pocket instead where possible.




Pants that are too tight or too loose will achieve the same effect of making you look bigger. Your proportions are key to getting your pants to fit well and it’s difficult to achieve the perfect look without tailoring so, if you’re on a budget, this is the first item that should be considered for amendments. Where you wear your pants effects the look too and, if having them tailored, should be something you discuss with your tailor before he gets to work. Wearing them at a natural waist helps create a streamlined look, whereas having them below the belly displays a more casual look bit is sometimes more comfortable. Suspenders are a good way to keep your pants in place without it tugging or having to adjust your pants every time you stand up.




Off-the-rack shirts often work for larger men as there is less excess fabric. Choose vertically lined shirts (the narrower the better) and avoid bright colors or bold patterns as these will draw attention. Darker colors are preferred as they will frame the face rather than the body.




A vest helps to achieve a slimmer look. The layering aspect of a 3-piece suit is naturally broader and can actually swamp slimmer men so this is a look that tends to suit the larger frame. Just be sure it is appropriate to the occasion as a badly chosen style will make you stand out even more.

When it comes to achieving your perfect look there nothing beats having your clothes bespoke made or tailored to your measurements. Many larger men choose comfort over style in their everyday clothes but get suits and formal wear tailormade or amended to keep them looking their best on more formal occasions. At Exclusive Tailors, we offer both services and also have a huge range of quality off-the-rack items to suit your needs. To discuss your requirement or for information on our tailoring services visit our website.

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